Junior Athlete Rep Applications - voting this weekend!

This weekend at Senior State Championships we will be having our Junior Rep voting! It will take place on Saturday, July 27 prelims. There is one ballot per team and the ballots are due by 11:00ish AM during prelims. Each team picks two candidates (a first choice and a second choice).

Lily Burke

Our first Junior Rep applicant is Lily Burke from Swim Atlanta! “I’m a very hard working person and I am 100% dedicated to swimming. I love to help people and learn new things everyday. I am a family oriented person and I enjoy spending time with them when I can. I hope to swim
in college and go to Olympic Trials.”

Sarah Livingston

Meet our next Junior Representative applicant! “Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Livingston and I am a rising junior at Parkview High School! Along with my love for swimming at Swim Atlanta, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, performing in chorus, and getting involved with leadership roles within my school and community. As your Junior Board Representative, I plan to exemplify the true qualities of a Georgia swimmer and to speak on the athletes’ behalf. Through many past leadership experiences, including my involvement with the Peer Student Leadership Team at my school, I have further strengthened my communication and delegation skills that will be put to use in this role. I am very diligent and motivated in getting the job done correctly, whether it be inside or outside of the pool, and I would love to be your next Junior Board Representative!”

Anna Summers

Meet our next applicant for Junior Rep, Anna Summers! “Hello, I’m Anna Summers and I will be a junior at Aquinas High School in Augusta. I have been swimming for 7 years for the Aiken-Augusta Swim League (ASL). I love swimming and how it has allowed me to meet so many great people across Georgia and the South.  I am excited about the possibility of getting more involved in Georgia Swimming and to be the voice of its athletes for our LSC.  Working as a summer league swim coach, a lifeguard and teaching swim lessons has helped me develop important leadership and communication skills.  It would be an honor to serve as Junior Athlete Representative and to have the privilege of bringing tons of great ideas from athletes in the LSC to the Board of Directors.”

Will Foggin

Our next applicant for Junior Rep is Will! “My name is Will Foggin and I am a rising junior at Clarke Central High School. I have been a member of the Athens Bulldog Swim Club for ten years and represented our state as a member of the Open Water Zone Team in 2019. For the past two years I have served as ABSC’s representative to the Athlete Committee, and this year I joined the Senior Committee as well. I am passionate about helping other people through sports. Earlier this year I led a project to raise money to buy soccer uniforms and equipment for underprivileged children in Colombia. For the past four years, I have coached a county-sponsored summer league team that serves communities who are underrepresented in the sport of swimming. And finally, I have assisted in ABSC’s stroke clinics for people with special needs. Outside the pool, I serve my community through Peer Court, a program that gives teens who have broken the law a second chance. I believe that Georgia Swimming can be a powerful vehicle for helping athletes and communities. I am committed to doing what is best for our sport and our members as your Junior Athlete Rep.”

Caroline Irwin

Our Next Applicant: “Hi! My name is Caroline Irwin and I have been swimming competitively at SwimAtlanta for the past 7 years. During this time, I met my best friends, grew as a person, and developed a love for the sport of swimming. I want to help other people experience the same great sport I have been able to, and I believe that becoming a Junior Athlete Representative will help me achieve this goal. I have had some amazing leaders in my life, from my summer league coaches to teammates that helped me through my first juniors, and I hope I can help other people in the same way they helped me.”

Brendan Hausdorf

Our next applicant: “Hi everyone, my name is Brendan Hausdorf and I am a rising Junior at Lassiter High School. I have been swimming since I was 7 years old, and I have always been a Marietta Marlin. I would be honored to represent Georgia Swimming and keep our name in a positive light among the Southern Zone and the other zones. I enjoy working on a team with fellow swimmers for a common goal. I would welcome the opportunity to help engage the community with my fellow athlete committee members by becoming your next Georgia board representative.”

Mia Sinkiewicz

Meet our next applicant, Mia Sinkiewicz: “I have been a competitive swimmer with USA Swimming since I was six years old, and during that time, I have swam on multiple club teams and LSC’s. I am going into my junior year at Hilton Head Island High School, and will be a part of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. I recently joined GCAT, but was previously in South Carolina Swimming and a member of three of their swimming committees, and swam in New England as well. Having served in three committees in South Carolina Swimming, I’ve had the opportunity to work with coaches, and other committee members, to debate legislation, as well as make positive changes within the LSC. My desire has been to improve swimming in any way possible for our generation, as well as future generations.”

Henry Bethel

Here is our next applicant, Henry Bethel: “My name is Henry Bethel, I am a member of Carpet Capital Aquatics Club (CCAC) in Dalton. At school, I maintain good grades and am a member of the student council. At Church, I am an active member of my youth group and was selected as one of two youth members to help pick the new youth minister for my church. As a swimmer, I am a team captain for CCAC, volunteer  with the younger kids on my team, have been named a Scholastic All-American, as well as a NISCA All-American. If there is one characteristic to know about me, it is that I display and value honesty. I think I would make a good Junior Athlete Rep because I love swimming, am a very driven person, and have proven successful in roles of leadership.”

Daniel DeCarlo

Our last applicant! “Hi! I am Daniel DeCarlo, but everyone just calls me Dog. I have been a member or Stingrays Swimming for 4 years, and a previous member or Tidal Wave Swimming for 3 years. I go to Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs. Throughout my swimming experience I have met many people, and I am invested in continuing to meet more! Outside of year round swimming I have done over 50 hours of community service, swim lessons, and swim coaching. I love to give to my community, either by giving advice or doing work for others, and what better way than to represent my state in something I love! I hope to serve as a Junior Athlete Representative of Georgia! Thank you.”