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2019 LCM End Of Season Team Progression Review

Truckee Tahoe Swim Team is a competitive youth USA Swimming team in the USA Swimming LSC of Sierra Nevada.  Our mission is to run a swimming program where all members, regardless of ability, have a chance to grow socially and athletically without feeling lost or left behind.     

All members make TTST:

  • 2018 – 2019 Two Time USA Swimming Bronze Medal ranked club
  • Most improved club in Sierra Nevada Swimming in 2019
  • In my opinion the best community and swimming team I have been privileged to learn from and contribute to in over 20 years of coaching this sport.

TTST has maintained a highly competitive swim team that annually has top ranked National, Junior National, and Collegiate recruits ages 18 & younger.  This has earned us the honor of being a USA Swimming Bronze Medal Club for two consecutive years.  In 2019 we won Most Improved Club of our Sierra Nevada LSC at the Sierra Championships in March, and July of 2019.  We are anticipating continued growth in numbers and achievements in the upcoming 2019 – 2020 season. 

The team averages over 80 active members.  More than 50 are engaged in our competitive swimming progressions from the top down:  National Team Swimmers, Senior Team Swimmers, Pre-Senior Team Swimmers, Age Group All-Star Team Swimmers, and Regional Team Swimmers.  We also have an additional 30 – 50 swimmers feeding the competitive teams through our Novice program on an annual basis. 

2019 LCM National Team: 2019 – 2020 Captains Emma Purdy, and Kaikea Crews Other National Team Members:  Claire Rumzie, Caitlin Smith, Sydney Elwell, Kensington Elwell, & Samuel Deruse

This is the biggest National Team on record for TTST.  To be titled TTST National Team a swimmers needs to achieve a CA/NV USA Sectionals Time or faster.  Faster than the Sectionals Times are Futures, Winter Jr. Nationals, US Open, USA Nationals/Olympic Trails. 

Emma & Claire are chasing their first Futures limits, Caitlin, Sydney, and Kensington are chasing their first Winter Jr. National limits, and the 5 of them will be chasing our first TTST Winter Jr. Nationals relay qualification this coming SCY season! 

Kaikea Crews will be attending the 2019 World Junior Championships, in Budapest, Hungary this coming August 20 – 25th.  Kaikea was born in Indonesia and holds citizenship with the country.  He will be representing Indonesia, at the championships this August.  He will be chasing his first USA National limits / Indonesian National Records/ and FINA B Olympic Time limits at the meet. 

Sam graduated and has entered the Army Academy at West Point.  Congratulations to Sam on a wonderful achievement and fantastic swimming career.  The determination, courage, and overall positive attitude that Sam shows daily earns him my vote as 2019 TTST Swimmer of the Year! 

So far in the 2019 LCM season 6 TTST National Team swimmers have combined for 24 of 28 TTST Age and Open Records set!  For 2019 LCM National Team Swimmer of the season it is a close race that will be decided after the post season results.  Front runners are Claire Rumzie with 5 records and multiple best time improvements.  Kensington Elwell for her outstanding racing improvements mainly in Butterfly.  Even though it’s post season, Kaikea Crews at the World Junior Swimming Championships, and how he does there, puts him as a front runner for 2019 LCM TTST National Team swimmer of the season.

Kaikea, Emma, Caitlin, Sydney, and Kensington will be in action at the upcoming final meet of the season at the 2019 Far Western Championships in Moraga this coming Thursday, July 25th – Sunday, July 28th

Moving onto the extended season after Far Westerns:

  1. Caitlin Smith will be in actions at USA Future Championships representing TTST from August 1st – 4th, in Mount Hood, OR. 
  2. Kensington & Sydney Elwell will be representing Sierra Nevada Swimming All-Stars at the 2019 Western Zone Age Group Championships August 7th – 10th, in Gresham, OR. 
  3. Kaikea will be back in action in Gyor, Hungary, for a warm-up international meet from July 31st – Aug 4th, and then again at the World Junior Championships in Budapest, Hungary, August 20th – 25th.  We are leaving for Hungary for preparation and training on Monday, July 29th.       

It is great to see the progression happening at our top speeds.  Keep up the leadership and record-breaking swimming.  I can’t wait to see the upcoming TTST Senior Team swimmers work toward their first CA/NV USA Sectionals times or faster and join the TTST National Team.     


2019 LCM TTST Senior Team:  The TTST Senior Team is made up of the 17 swimmers listed by time standard.  There are 3-time standard levels within the TTST Senior Team.  SNS JR+Senior Times SNS SR+Senior Times, and SR Western Zone Times

SNS JR+Senior Times:  Kara Lynch, Cody Natali, Annelise Cuneo  SNS SR+Senior Times: Claudia Carlsson, Lola Tieslau, Asher Kates, Dylan Cole, and Noah Warren SR Western Zone Times: Riley Madigan,  Brooke Saathoff, Calissa Kissinger, Alyssa Hynes, Courtney Engberg, Ryan Williams, Aaron Bronstone, Hunter Hoffman, and Evan Opsal.   

During the 2019 LCM season all Senior Team girls swam personal best times.  Calissa Kissinger stood out amongst the pack.  Callie has broken 4 of the 11-12 TTST girls age group records to make the 28-record total so far.  She has been making tremendous progress within the program and also moved to the top of the Senior times ladder with her first SR Western Zone Times!  Looking forward to a fantastic season finish for Callie at the 2019 LCM Far Western Championships.  She is the 2019 LCM swimmer of the season.   

On the boys side of the Senior Team this 2019 LCM season, Asher Kates, and Ryan Williams have been on fire.  Ryan made his first SR Western Zone time in the 100LCM Back recently at the Sierra Nevada Championships with a finals swim of 1:05.22!  He has been improving every meet we attended, and I can’t wait to see his progress continue toward becoming a member of our National Team next season. 

Asher is knocking on the door of his first SR Western Zone Times, and recently missed one of his teammates, Kaikea Crews’, records in the 13 – 14 boys 200LCM butterfly by a tight margin, Kaikea, 2:25.89 to Asher, 2:27.01!  Asher is finished racing for the season but is the 2019 LCM Swimmer of the Season.  Congratulations Asher.

Two of our TTST Senior Team Swimmers, Noah Warren, and Evan Opsal recently graduated from Truckee High.  Noah will be headed to Cal Poly this fall, and Evan will continue his studies while racing triathlon locally at Sierra College. 

The rest of the TTST Senior Team has been improving.  For all of the SR Western Zone Times qualifiers your next step is the TTST National Team CA/NV USA Sectionals time.  Congratulations Senior Team. Good luck and train hard in the upcoming 2019 – 2020 season to reach your goals!


2019 LCM Pre-Senior Team:  This group is made up of 8 swimmers 11 & Over who are focused on training competitively to achieve their first SNS JR+Senior Times:  Hope Smith, Lola Williams, Emily Navabpour, Maris Durant-Bender, Kaleb Query, Issac Lopez, Matthew Deluna, and Noah Erskine. 

This is a critically important level to the progressive jump from age group to Senior focused competitive swimming.  The swimmers at this level have experience with racing and are interested in becoming a Senior level competitive swimmer.  In 2019 – 2020 season this group will grow exponentially with a large influx of TTST Age Group All-Stars that are all focused on becoming our next wave of TTST Senior Team swimmers! 

The swimmers listed above all made big improvements in the 2019 LCM season.  Kara made the Senior Team jump by qualifying with her swim in Reno of :30.80 in the 50M Freestyle.  Cody Natali was another swimmer from this group that made the jump this past season by qualifying in Backstroke for his first TTST Senior Times. 

Hope has been dropping time in all her events and is now knocking on the door of her first Senior Times in Breaststroke.  Hope has been active in all our meets, and with her improvements takes honor of 2019 TTST Pre-Senior Team swimmer of the season.  Kaleb is also knocking on the door of his first Senior Times.  Kaleb showed a stronger, never give up attitude at meets and has improved because of that. 


2019 LCM TTST Age Group All-Star Team:  This group is made up of swimmers that have made a Junior Olympic or Sierra Age Group Championships Time.                    

Considering this is an age group-based time standard vs the Senior and National Times being open age, there is more fluctuation when swimmers age up and need to re-qualify for their new age group times.  Because of individual growth patterns and so many other factors I like to recognize any swimmer who has ever accomplished this time standard at any of their age groups as an Age Group All-Star

This although the Age Group All-Star title is a great achievement it is also a stressful one with all the un-controllable factors with individual age, growth, and progression in swimming.  At TTST that is why swimmers with competitive experience are encouraged to enter the Pre-Senior group by age 11 when they begin Middle School.  Competitive experience would be attending over 12 meets, or making an Age Group All-Star time from age 8 – 10.  With that explained we can then break our Age Group All-Stars into two categories as 8-10 years old still train with our regional / novice groups, and Middle School 11 & Over will enter the Pre-Senior Team. 

Qualified from 8 – 10yrs Old Age Group All-Star:  Brynn Hanley, Hayley Hynes, Addison Schaller, Josh Williams, John Lanza, Cameron Navabpour, Ty Hammond, Peyton Egide, and Walker Egide. 

All these swimmers had great progression in skills and understanding that this sport needs to be FUN at this stage for the progression to stay positive through the next levels.  We are creating a great culture at TTST of not over focusing on times at this age.  I am very happy that exists.  Being competitive is fantastic if it is FUN.  As soon as it becomes stressful for this age group then competition and time improvement are hindering long term progression, and I don’t see that happening to any concerning degree on TTST!  Thank you for supporting this culture.

Looking at the 2019 LCM season for this group it was fun.  There was lots of skill improvement and of course time improvements.  The bi-annual Sierra Nevada Championships or Junior Olympics to me identifies the peak meet for this group.  This past year TTST shined big time at the championships by taking Most Improved Team at both the SCY Champs in March, and LCM Champs, 8th overall, in July 2019.

The Egide brothers, Peyton & Walker, stood out at both meets taking top 3 places in multiple events.  Both contributed to the team scoring and improved over the year in all their events.  They are both the 2019 LCM TTST Age Group All-Star Swimmers of the Season!    

Happy 11-year 2019 LCM Season Birthdays to Hayley, Brynn, Addison, Josh, Cameron, and John.  Rowan Glad was 11 before them in the SCY season but is also an Age Group All-Star.  They will all be entering Middle School in the fall of 2019.  Therefore, all of them will be entering the TTST Pre-Senior Team to chase after their first TTST Senior Team times, SNS JR+Senior Times

Qualified from 8 – 12yrs Old Age Group All-Star:  Hope Smith, Maris Durant-Bender, Emily Navabpour, Lola Williams, Anna Krivan, Noah Erskine, Macallan Rocco, and Kaleb Query.

As stated, before many of these swimmers are already on our Pre-Senior Team or will start in the Fall of 2019 when we start swimming on September 5th.  These swimmers have all made a JO’s time in their past and have been progressing toward their first SNS JR+Senior Times.   Keep up the focus and effort! 


TTST Regional Team:  The Regional Team swimmers are working on building their competitive experience.  They are looking to make an Age Group All-Star time or compete in more than dozen meets.  Both ways could earn them progression to the TTST Pre-Senior and eventually TTST Senior Team or maybe even National Team.  Age and times are not important at this level.  Time in the water by attending practice, and experience with competition is this groups focus.  All swimmers listed in the TTST Regional Team have had some competition experience, and practice for a majority of the TTST annual season from September – July.  The 2019 TTST Regional Swimmers are:

Kendall Kelly, Kennedy Kelly, Jessica & JoJo Wurzelbacher, Abigail Erskine, Kathryn Lopez, Julianna Martin, Sophia Martin, Jaqui Roth, Adriana Deluna, Kinley Quinn, Colleen Odell, Aria Rocco, Carter McKechnie, Cayton Lopez, and Nathan Lopez

All these swimmers have shown dedication to competitive swimming.  With a little more time and competition experience they will be able to move up to the TTST Pre-Senior Team.  Over the course of the 2019 LCM Season and really all year Carter has shown determination, improvement, and preservice that earns him the 2019 LCM TTST Regional Team Swimmer of the Year!

TTST Novice Team: The Novice Team is as important to TTST as any single of the other teams.  There are 30 – 50 swimmers transitioning into and out of this program on an annual average.  The next step for these swimmers is to move into the Regional Team.  Over the 2019 LCM season we had Brisa Cendreda, and Sawyer Haen move to the Regional team training group.  There are many more in the group making fast progress toward their first move of the progressions listed above!   

This is the beginning stage of swimming for TTST.  We learn our basic skills starting from a strong understanding of swimming posture.  This group is getting to know the sport of swimming and hasn’t started competitive swimming at more than maybe a meet or two.  I am lucky enough to get to coach this wonderful group of swimmers, and hope they enjoy the fun.  It is a big group of swimmers that I encourage to Just Keep Swimming!  The Novice Team is as important to TTST as any single of the other teams. 

Thank you, coaches, Chris Kissinger, and Jenn Lopez who are currently active with the team.  We said goodbye to Jenah MacGrain this spring as she made the move to her new home in Mammoth California.  Jenah was with TTST for many years and developed many of the upcoming talent that the team is witnessing today. 

Thank you to all our parents, carded volunteer USA Swimming credentialed officials, and volunteer Board of Directors lead by current TTST President, Sandy Hynes. 

Thursday, September 5th, 2019 from 3:00pm at the normal pool will start the 2019 – 2020 swim year! 

 “It’s Truckee Time”

Swim on,

Coach Cyrus