Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.  Tonight, we dine and dance and dole out awards.  And we bid a fond farewell to another remarkable season of the Glenwood Tigers.

If you’re tired of these emails, the good news is that you can stop reading now.  And, this is the last update of the summer.  But if you can’t get enough, read on for a final rep report.

Our coaches shared a lot of big news on Sunday—multiple records taken down, 79 best times posted in the Division D Championship, and 46 All-Star times for our swimmers!

Please check your family folders for ribbons.

One other noteworthy item was the division assignment for the Glenwood Tigers in 2020.

With a 4-1 record in the dual meets and third-place finishes in both relay carnival and divisionals, we ended the season in a tie with River Falls.

So, why did River Falls remain in Division D while Glenwood moved up to C?

At the conclusion of every competitive season, the Montgomery County Swim League runs a computerized swim meet using the median times from the five dual meets of the season.  MCSL then pits the virtual teams against each other in a simulated swim-off and bases division assignments on the results.

Even when our swimmers aren’t in the water, they still swim fast!

For some of us, this elevation of the Glenwood team back to C is reason to rejoice.  For others, maybe not so much.

Yes, we do like to win, and that becomes a little more challenging every time we bump up into a more competitive division.

And, yes, people can be a bit intense up there in the top three divisions (eye roll).

And, yes, we are the bottom seed again next summer, which means we get to host only two dual meets.

But if we learned anything from this summer, it’s that the Tigers have a lot more power in the pool than outsiders expect.  We know how to battle our way up from the bottom of a division.

Can we do it again?  You bet we can!


A few weeks ago, Coach Kelly sent around this form with a list of opportunities for swimming during the other three seasons of the year.

This can be a tough sell, we know.

Summer swimming and winter swimming are not to be confused.  The former is terrific, fast-paced fun in the sun.  The latter tends to require much more internal motivation and just plain hard work, and it competes with all the other great stuff your kids do during the school year.

But hear us out.

Some of us remember when G for Glenwood also meant Division G.  Yes, it’s true.  Then we moved up to Division F.  Today, we have families that can’t remember a time when the team wasn’t bouncing back and forth between C and D.

How did we get to C?

That’s a good question.

We don’t recruit like some teams.  We aren’t led by coaches who funnel swimmers from the year-round competitive teams into our program.  We don’t have cut times here, either, because turning away swimmers just isn’t our bag.

Quite simply, we are more competitive today because more Tigers, fueled by the fun competition they enjoy in the summer, choose to continue swimming at some level during the school year.

Thankfully, around here there’s a swim program to match almost every family’s level of interest.

Don’t sweat it if your child wants to swim, but he or she missed the fall deadline to try out for RMSC.  The team holds tryouts at its five sites again in the spring, offering a shorter, less expensive opportunity to sample this experience.

You might also consider programs like All-Star Aquatics, FINS, the Silver Spring YMCA, or Tollefson, all of which offer a range of opportunities throughout the year to enroll in classes or stroke-and-turn clinics.

There are many, many other choices.

Our point is that any level of swim practice or instruction during the school year will help to improve stroke, speed, and confidence in the water, provide excellent cross-training for other sports, and give your child a head start on summer.

But if winter swimming isn’t for your family, fuggedaboutit!  We want you just the same!


It’s that time.  Time to say thank you.  Time to say good-bye.

Thanks to all the parents who helped this year, stepping up again and again when we needed you.  Summer swim teams run on parent power; Glenwood is fueled by the best.

Thanks to our tireless coaches who do so much to make this experience a great one for every swimmer, every day.  You’re the draw for those 251 kids, no question about it!

Thanks to our oldest swimmers for mentoring our youngest Tigers and showing them what it means to be supportive teammates and classy athletes.

And thanks to our youngest Tigers, who remind us why we fell in love with Glenwood summer swimming in the first place.

We received one such reminder a couple weeks ago, while we waited under the lights for the 15-18 flyers to finish their races at a home B meet.  A cluster of 8&under girls flitted by, unbothered by the lateness of the hour, carrying fireflies in their cupped hands and giggling.

One of them paused long enough to share her happiness with a tired parent.  “I’m having so much fun, Mommy,” she said.  “If you want to have a great summer, you really need to come to Glenwood.”


That’s all the news for now, Glenwood.  Go on vacation, Tigers!  You earned it!

—Your Team Reps