Senior Champs Information

Coach Frank would like to encourage swimmers to attend warmup on Thursday at 3 PM so they can sleep in a little on Friday.  However warmup will be offered on Friday morning, if your swimmer isn't able to attend the Thursday afternoon warmup. The correct detailed entries report and updated timeline are found in the information below:

Florida Swimming Senior Championships will start on Thursday, July 25th.  Please find links to the psych sheet, timeline, and updated meet letter.

Psych Sheet


Meet Letter

Detailed Entries Report

Below is some information for you to read and share with your athletes in advance of the meet.
Start Time: 
Thursday, July 25 - Timed Finals 5:00 PM
Friday & Saturday, July 26 and July 27-Prelims 8:30 AM, Finals 5:30 PM
Sunday, July 28 - Prelims 8:30 AM, Finals 4:00 PM
Coaches Meeting: There will be a coaches meeting Friday morning at 8:00 in hospitality to go over any issues that come in in the meantime. Please be sure a member of your coaching staff is at the meeting.
Photography: Absolutely no photography is allowed behind the starting blocks. Please help us by making sure your parents know this.  
WARM UPS TIME CHANGE – Please be respectful of the other team(s) that may be sharing your lane(s).
Thursday warm-up will start at 3:00 p.m.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday morning warm-ups will start at 6:30 a.m.
Warm-ups will start at 3:30 p.m. before Finals
Sunday Finals warm-ups will start after conclusion of miles on Sunday morning.
Events 1-4 – 800 Free - Events are combined, positive check-in, deck seeded events. 
Events 71-74 – 1500 Free - Events are combined, positive check-in, deck seeded events. Fastest 1 heat of each gender will swim during finals prior to Event 51.
Events: 1-4     800 Free 4:00 PM -Thursday, July 25
Events: 5-6   800 Free Relay 4:30 PM -Thursday, July 25
Events: 23-26 400 IM   8:00 AM -Friday, July 26
Events: 27-28  400 Med Relay    8:00 AM -Friday, July 26
Events: 45-48 400 Free   8:00 AM - Saturday, July 27
Events: 49-50 400 Free Relay    8:00 AM - Saturday, July 27
Events: 71-74 1500 Free         8:00 AM -Sunday, July 28                                                 
Scratching from Preliminary & Timed Final Events:  
No penalty for scratching on the block in the morning prelims with the exception of deck seeded events. Any swimmer entered in an individual deck seeded event who has checked in for that event must swim the event unless he/she notifies the clerk of course before the seeding has begun that he/she wishes to scratch. Failure to do so will result in the swimmer being barred from the next individual event in which he/she is entered on that day or the next day of the meet, whichever is first. Deck seeded events shall be closed for seeding as listed on the order of events. 
Scratching from Finals:
A- Any swimmer who competes in a preliminary heat and qualifies as one of the original sixteen (16) finalists must swim in that event’s championship final; or must notify the administrative referee that he/she intends to scratch from that final’s event within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement of the qualifiers.
B -Swimmers may reverse their intention to scratch and choose to be seeded for finals if they do so within thirty (30) minutes of the completion of the swimmer’s last preliminary event for that day.
C. -Any swimmer in a championship or consolation final who fails to swim that event will be barred from their next individual event, excluding finals and relays, in which he/she is entered unless excused by the meet referee.
No penalty shall apply for failure to withdraw or compete in an individual event if: 
1.   A The Referee excuses the athlete due to a medical exemption. 
2.   B It is determined by the Referee that failure to compete is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the athlete
NOTE 1: Alternates wishing to swim in an open lane in Finals must be standing at the starter's stand, ready to step on the blocks for his/her swim, when the swimmers are called to the blocks. Only the starter will call for the alternate, not the announcer.
NOTE 2: Finals scratches must be done individually; 'team' scratches will not be accepted. 
NOTE 3: All swimmers seeded in places 17-26 after the prelim session for each event who choose NOT to swim during finals are encouraged to scratch from finals in each event within 20 minutes after the swimmer’s last individual event during the prelim session. 
WEATHER:  In the event that the deck needs to be cleared for weather issues, please have your athletes and families listen to the directives of the Indian River staff.
MEET COMMITTEE: The committee will be announced Friday morning in the coaches meeting.
Medical Issues: Please let me know now if you have any athletes with specials needs or have any medical issues.
Looking forward to a great meet!