2019 Wrap up!
Well done Stingrays!!! Thank you for a fantastic swim season!  Championships proved to be an amazing experience with many of our swimmers setting best times for events.  The banquet committee did an incredible job hosting a fantastic event.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort, time, and dedication from so MANY people to keep our team going and we appreciate ALL OF YOU!  Most importantly, we appreciate our kids.  Our kids are AWESOME!
Congratulations to all the high point hoodie winners last night.  You worked so hard to win that hoodie and deserve to wear it proudly.  Congratulations to all the Coaches Award Winners.  Your dedication and commitment paid off.  And, congratulations to our season record breakers!  We can't wait to watch how you all continue to master the sport of swimming.  Please see complete lists of our award winners below.
Here are a few other updates to note:
- Once we receive the high point hoodies, we will send out a message to notify you of pick up times at the pool office.  Any unclaimed awards may also be picked up at that time so stay tuned!
- Have you ordered pictures from our picture site, yet?  If not, please go check out the pictures on our team website (from the home page click on the "pictures" box with the camera icon).  Great photo gift ideas for the upcoming holidays!  Also, banquet and championship pictures will be loaded after Britta returns from vacation.
- Good luck to all of our high school Stingrays who are swimming for their local high school this coming school season!
Record Breakers (2019 Regular Season)
Male 9-10 50 Breast  Logan Cook 40.44
Male 9-10 50 Free   Dylan Brooks 32.37
Male 8 & Under 25 Back  Michael Tarzia  19.93
Male 8 & Under 25 Fly   Michael Tarzia 18.41
Male 8 & Under 25 Free  Michael Tarzia 15.64
Male 8 & Under 50 Free  Michael Tarzia 35.95
Male 6 & Under 25 Back   Riley Massey  22.79
Female 11-12 200 Free Relay  Brooklyn Martinez, Zoe Fina, Meg Groden-Thomas, Ivy Bradley  1:59.17
Record Breakers at Champs 2019 Female 11-12 50 Fly  Ivy Bradley 30.00
Male 8 & under IM  Michael Tarzia 1:34.41
Male 8 & under 25 Back  Michael Tarzia 18.16
Male 8 & under 25 Free  Michael Tarzia 14.58
Male 8 & under 25 Fly  Michael Tarzia 17.29
Coaches Award Winners for 2019
Ivy Bradley
Dylan Brooks
Collette Carlee
Graicyn Collins
Logan Cook
Addison Fanberg
Jordan Fanberg
Laney Fina
Zoe Fina
Casey Gallagher
Kaia Harris
Elizabeth Hernandez
Cora Foxwell Jones
Chris Lewallen
Riley Massey
Brooklyn Martinez
India McClellan
Alexa Mims
Cora Misciagna
Camryn Olson
Emily Pittman
Savannah Readdick
Kayli Seiler
Lauren Shelton
Cora Tilton
Oliver Tilton
Paige Tremaroli
Gabrielle Wagner
Grace Wagner
Charlotte Ward
Clara Ward
High Point Hoodie Award Winners 2019
6 & Under Boys – Riley Massey (84)
6 & Under Girls – Briella Tarzia  (48)
25.  India McClellan (32 points)
24.  Avery Gallagher (41 points)
23.  Jacob Kovalcik (42 points)
23.  Alex Voboril (42 points)
22.  Blythe Brooks (43 points)
22.  Chloe Walden (43 points)
22.  Janessa Richards (43 points)
21.  Charlotte Ward (44 points)
20.  Evan Carroll (46 points)
20.  Matt Bell (46 points)
19.  Ryan Roettger (47 points)
18.  Charley Richards (49 points)
18.  Neriah Giedrys (49 points)
17.  Maya Kovalcik (50 points)
17.  Alexandria Conners (50 points)
16.  Oliver Tilton (51 points)
15.  Emily Parker (52 points)
14.  Lauren Shelton (57 points)
14.  Lucas Lomond (57 points)
13.  Zoe Fina (58 points)
13.  Elizabeth Hernandez (58 points)
12.  Chris Lewallen (59 points)
11.  Laney Fina (61 points)
10.  Jocelyn Richards (62 points)
9.  Marley Thomas (64 points)
8.  Hampton Walker (69 points)
7.  Emily Pittman (72 points)
6.  Brooklyn Martinez (76 points)
5.  Cora Foxwell-Jones (80 points)
5.  Jordan Fanberg (80 points)
4.  Michael Tarzia (82 points)
3.   Dylan Brooks (87 points)
2.  Logan Cook (88 points)
1.  Ivy Bradley (89 points)
Stay tuned to email, Facebook, and our website for information regarding our 2020 season.  Information regarding Winter Clinic will be emailed out toward the end of the year.  We hope to see many of our swimmers return in January for conditioning and FUN!