NEW....Developmental Blaze Team


Introduction to Competitive Swimming Class

This will give your potential swimmer a chance to "test the waters," before joining the Blaze team. They will be introduced to all four competitive strokes, learn drills, starts, turns, rules of the sport, and information they should know, before being on a team.  There will be 8 X 45 minutes classes.  Cost $45

Introduction to Competitive Swimming 6-10 years old

Introduction to Competitive Swimming 11-15 years old

NEW   Blaze Developmental Team

Before joining the Blaze USA team, try  this new Developmental Team.  You'll do small sets of all strokes, practice drills, work on turns and starts.  There is more yardage done on this team.  We highly suggest taking "Intro to Competitive Swim " before this course.  Members will be expected to swim the length of the pool safely.  10 & Unders = 8 X 45 minutes   Cost $45   11 & Over = 8 X 1 hr.   Cost $60

Blaze Developmental Team 6-10 years old

Blaze Developmental Team 11-15 years old