2019-2020 Trial Week & Swim Team Season Schedule & Fees

Here is information regarding our Swim Team Trial Week and Fall/Winter Swim Team Season.  If you have any questions certainly feel free to contact myself Robin Berg at rberg@ymcadane.org or Becky Whiting at bwhiting@ymcadane.org or Alayna Gallegos at agallegos@ymcadane.org.

Swim Team Trial Week - This is for new Swim Team participants so that coaches can pick the appropriate practice group for your swimmer.  If you were on YDC last year, you do not need to attend. Please contact your coach in regards to the best group for your swimmer.

East - August 28 & 29 

8 & Under   W/TH   4:00-5:00pm   $8

9 & Over     W/TH   5:00-6:30pm   $8

West - September 3 - 6

8 & Under  TU/TH  4:15-5:15pm  $8

9 & Over    W/F      4:15-5:30pm  $8

Fall / Winter Swim Team

September 9-Mid-March

The YDC coaching staff believes in proper development of its swimmers and wants to see them develop at a rate that will promote longevity in their participation on the team and in the sport of swimming. Staff will determine which practice group is the best match for each swimmer. Swim team members are expected to participate in at least one meet a month. Parents are expected to volunteer at YDC host meets. Swimmers must be YMCA members.


The focus of this group is to develop the proper mechanics of the four competitive strokes along with starts and turns. Swimmer needs to be able to swim at least one length of the pool without stopping.


M/TH      5:45-6:30pm

W            6:15-7:00pm


TU/F 4:15pm-5pm

Wed: 6:30-7:15pm


Continue to focus on learning and perfecting strokes, turns and starts. This group will also work on becoming comfortable with competition and introduced to race development. Swimmer must be able to swim 200 continuous yards of freestyle and perform at least a 25 to 50 of all competitive strokes including starts and turns. 


M/W      5:00-6:00pm

TH      4:30-5:30pm     


TU/F 4:15pm-5:15pm

Wed: 6:30-7:30pm


This level will focus on perfecting strokes and meet competition. In addition, this group will be exposed to endurance-based interval training. Swimmers will develop race strategies.


M/W      5:00-6:30pm

TH      4:30-5:45pm


M/W/Th: 4:15-5:45pm (dryland 4:15-4:30)


This level will expose swimmers to more advanced endurance-based training while continuing to perfect stroke technique, starts and turns. Swimmers will also be introduced to goal-setting and individual race strategies. 


M      7:30-9:00pm (dry land 7:30-8:00pm)

TU/F   4:30-6:15pm

W      7:30-9:15pm (dry land 7:30-8:00pm)


M/TU/W/TH: 4:15-6:00pm (dryland 4:15-4:30pm)


The focus for this level is on training for competition, goal setting, developing a base of endurance, advanced strokes and start and turn techniques. During competition, swimmers will begin developing individual race strategies. 


M/W      7:30-9:30pm (dry land 7:30-8:00pm)

TU/TH/F      4:30-6:30pm


M/W: 6:00-8:30pm (dryland 6-6:30)

Tu/Th: 7:00-9:00pm (dryland 7-7:30)

Fr: 4:15-6:00pm


This level focuses on mastery of advanced stroke, start and turn techniques, maintaining a high endurance base, advanced racing strategies and mental meet preparation. 


M/W              7:30-9:30pm (dry land 7:30-8:00pm)

TU/TH/F      4:30-6:30pm     


M/W: 6:00-8:30pm (dryland 6-6:30)

TU/Th: 7:00-9:30pm (dryland 7-7:30)

F 4:15-6:00pm

Swim Team Fees    

Online registration only. 

At the time of registration there is a $65 registration fee. 

Full season deductions occur on the first of each month from September-March. 

Winter season deductions occur on the first of each month from November-March.

Swimmers must be a YMCA member. 

For more information visit www.ymcadanecounty.org.

     Full Season      Winter Season

     7 months           5 months

White      $49/mo           $51/mo

Red         $67/mo           $70/mo

Blue        $72/mo           $75/mo

Bronze      $84/mo           $88/mo

Silver      $87/mo           $91/mo

Gold/HS    $87/mo           $91/mo