Proposed Bylaws update

 Mandatory bylaws update and follow through vision from the general chair.

Since our HOD meeting is October 5th everything must be in place by that date so that we will be able to operate under the new mandatory bylaws, passed down to us from USA swimming. Otherwise any activity taken at the HOD meeting under the old bylaws could potentially end up having to be redone under the new bylaws. Worst case, we could end up needing an additional special HOD meeting. I do not believe that anyone wants that nor a long drawn out, shoot from the hip, debate at the HOD meeting. This is why, from October 2018 through July 9, 2019, your elected board of directors have diligently spent a large part of every monthly meeting working on the mandatory bylaws project that must be in place prior to January 2020. This is mandatory for all LSCs in the United States. The eight  plus month project has been posted and available to you for several weeks now. 
Everyone has one more week to review and provide feedback. The good news is that you do not have to read all 20+ pages unless you want to. The part that needs review is the highlighted part. If it is not highlighted, we do not have a choice or comment. 
After July 31 the posted bylaws will be sent to USA swimming for final review. But wait there is more. We must also update the South Texas LSC Policies and Procedures to line up with the new mandatory bylaws. So once the deadline passes for review and comment of the bylaws and USA swimming has reviewed it you will get a second chance to read and review. This time it will be the updated policies and procedures. For the same reason that we need to be proactive with the bylaws, this too needs to be ready to go into effect at our October 5th HOD meeting.
The goal. Once we have the bylaws and policies and procedures in place we can then have a productive HOD meeting to address all things specific to growing the South Texas LSC into a leading role in Texas.
If everyone will take a little time now to be calmly proactive (thank you Mike and Mike for having already responded), we can save everyone lots of time and reactive grief at the HOD.
Chris Kjeldsen
ST General Chair
Chris Kjeldsen
ST-General Chair