Reese Turner Selected to YMCA's Emerging Leadership Academy


SPY Swimmer Reese Turner Selecetd to Attend the YMCA's Swimming Emerging Leader Academy

 (formerly known as "Leadership Development Camp")

smileyBig Congratulations to Reese Turner who received her acceptance letter to attend the Y's Swimming Emerging Leadership Academy (ELA) which is a season long program in which 22 YMCA National level swimmers further develop their leadership capacity through online learning, on-site workshops, interviews, assignments, conference calls, group work, and community service. So, ELA begins in August and continues through theYMCA Short Course National Championship in April. Reese   Reese Turner will be a junior at Global Impact STEM Academy, member of Springfield High School Swim Team, and a member of our SPYNATION since 2011. Reese and her fellow YMCA Swim Leaders will attend a three-day intentsive camp in Orlando, Florida during a weekend in October.

This leadership opportunity is for YMCA swimmers who are high school juniors (Class of 2021), have competed in the YMCA National Championship Meet and already demonstrate leadership abilities. Many interested swimmers applied. Reese is one of the twenty-two Y swimmers from across the USA to be selected to participate. The camp in Orlando consists of workshops, problem solving exercises, a community service activity and swimming training sessions. This Camp provides these selected high school juniors to further develop their leadership skills alongside other emerging leaders from the YMCA Swimming community. YMCA of the USA Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee covers the cost of on-site transportation, lodging and food for each of the selected Y Swimmers.

In order to be considered for Emerging Leadership Academy selection, Reese had to meet several qualifications and criteria:


  • High school junior
  • Grade Point Average 3.0 or higher
  • Has participated in YMCA National Swimming Championships
  • Demonstrates positive leadership skills among peers
  • Exemplifies the YMCA’s core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.
  • Willing to express opinions and share ideas
  • Able to complete challenging two-hour practice sessions of 5,000-7,000 yards without sitting out. Average freestyle intervals 1:15/100 yds and faster.

Reese had to complete a very thorough applications which included:

  • Detailed Application Form
  • Leadership Essay about a person who inspires her which she wrote about her older sister Rylie
  • Coach's Letter of Recommendation provided John Bishop
  • Peer Letter of Recommendation provided by 12 year old SPY Teammate Peneolpe Derr
  • School or Civic Person's Letter of Recommendation 
  • Submit School/Academic Transcript

While Reese is at the Camp, she will be training with the other 22 selected swimmers at YMCA of Central Florida Aquatic Center in Orlando. The swimmers will participate in daily practice sessions in the pool. The practice will be two-hour pool sessions that will include general freestyle and IM-based sets totaling 6,000-7,000 yards per session. The coaching staff that is apart of the Leadership has extensive coaching and leadership development experience.