Canadian Junior Championships - Day 2

26 July 2019 (Repsol Sports Centre) - Day 2 Finals at the Canadian Junior Championships saw more swims for your Cascade crew and a few more medals as well.

Our first final was in the boy’s 100m freestyle with Sebastian Somerset finishing 7th in the “A” final with a 53.18 swim. Our first medal came in the girls 100m backstroke on the strength of an incredible last 50m and great touch. Ella Varga was 5th at the 50m turn in 31.27 before crushing it on the last length in 32.00 to swim a 1:03.27 and take silver. For Varga it was a lifetime best time. Payton Kelly was right on her lifetime best in 1:04.25 finishing 6th in the “A” final.

In the boy’s final of the 100m backstroke we had two swimmers in the race with Seb Somerset swimming in his second race and Stephen Hou making his debut in the finals. Sebastian got himself into a titanic battle with Tayden De Pol from Nanaimo for the win with the two of the out quickly in 27.37 and 27.42 respectively. De Pol’s underwater made all the difference on the second 50 as he managed to get his hand on the wall just ever so slightly ahead of Sebastian in 56.60 to Seb’s 57.13 which gave him the silver medal. Hou finished 5th in 58.84.

The 4x200 free relay was our last event of the night with our girls finishing 5th overall and our boys finished off in 4th:

                    Girls - 5th                                   Boys - 4th

Devon A.     2:10.19                    Youssef M.  1:57.20

Isabelle R.   2:11.25                    Parker B.     2:00.37

Gray A.       2:12.13                    Kian P.         1:58.63

Ella V.         2:06.93                    Mathieu C.   1:57.15

     Final      8:40.50                             Final   7:53.35


“B” final results:

100 Free

Girls 15-17 Ella Varga 58.55 11th

Boys 14-15 Addison Butler 55.56 12th

Boys 16-18 Parker Brown 53.63 12th

400 IM

Girls 15-17 Ellie Maradyn 5:14.58 16th

Boys 16-18 Laird Douglas 4:42.17 13th

100 Back

Boys 14-15 Caleb Gaine 1:03.19 11th


Team Scores


1. PCSC 794

2. EKSC 677

3. UCSC 495

4. CASC 406

5. KISU 212

*Combined scores include the mixed relay events which is why the add up of the “boys” and “girls” scores do not quite…”add-up”!


1. PCSC 478

2. CASC 191

3. EKSC 182

4. NG 143

5. KISU 130


1. EKSC 395

2. UCSC 334

3. PCSC 220

4. CASC 153

5. GO 132



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