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CMAC Shines at Long Course JOs

Congratulations again to our competitors! Last summer saw 3 individual CMAC athletes at the summer version of JOs – this season 11 CMAC athletes qualified, and 9 competed. A few first-time outcomes occurred for CMAC that served as the final demonstration of just how much progress the team has made at all levels throughout the last year – even the high level performance.

9 swimmers (Kira Anderson, 14 – Aidan Arie, 12 – George Castillo, 16 – Maddox Johnson, 12 – Karolina Sangasy, 10 – Lukas Sangasy, 12 – Madison Stein, 14 – Jodie Tran, 12 – Avrum Xagorarakis, 11) made a true statement at the JOs at FAST over a sweltering 4 days in Fullerton.

The team combined for 61 points (individual events only, no relays) in the most competitive of the 3 SCS JO sites that were hosting the meet (Riverside, Mission Viejo, and Fullerton). CMAC swimmers qualified for the top 16 finals session in 10 events, and saw two swims in the top 8 championship final! Never before has CMAC had such a presence at JOs, and certainly not in the evening finals session at a meet of this level.

CMAC’s Karolina Sangasy led the charge, going 5 for 5 in qualifying for finals. Karolina placed 8th in the 50 & 100 fly, 11th in the 50 free, 10th in the 100 free, and 10th in the 200 free.

Brother, Lukas Sangasy also had a fabulous meet going lifetime bests in all 4 of his swims. Lukas swam to 21st in the 100 fly, 32nd in the 50 fly, and 18th in the 50 freestyle. His best swim came in the 400 meter freestyle, where he qualified for the consolation final, placing 15th and nearly breaking the 5:00 barrier – Lukas also stormed home to a blazing 32.7 final 50 split in the prelims, which was the fastest closing 50 of any 11-12 athlete in the event!

Aidan Arie also qualified back in the same event, swimming a swift 4:58.07 for 12th place overall in the event. Aidan also produced in the 100 back (25th), 100 free (21st), 50 back (21st), and 50 free (36th).  He was joined by an additional teammate in the 400 free, Avrum Xagorarakis, who ended up 16th in the event in a lifetime best of 5:01. To have 3 CMAC athletes all compete in the same consolation heat of an event at JOS was spectacular. Even better, they eneded up swimming in lanes 6, 7 and 8 in the event. To hear Lane 6 CMAC, Lane 7 CMAC, Lane 8 CMAC showcased how far this team has come. Avrum also swam to lifetime bests in his additional events (100 free and 200 free, placing 34th and 29th).

Kira Anderson, Jodie Tran, Maddox Johnson and George Castillo also swam fantastic and were equally impressive in their development as swimmers. We are extremely proud of all CMAC swimmers!

The meet was superb, but it was punctuated with an accomplishment by Maddie Stein (14) that surprised both herself, as well as the coaches – and what an awesome surprise it was. Maddie swam 5 events, and each time she got in the water she improved, and took a step toward becoming a better athlete. Maddie went 5 for 5 in lifetime bests, and finished 30th in the 200 backstroke, 18th in the 100 freestyle (her first senior development cut), and 37th in the 200 free. The final day of the meet, we saw Maddie rise to new heights. Maddie qualified for the consols of the 100 back in 1:12.42 (13th, her 2nd senior development cut), and finished 15th in the prelims of the 50 freestyle (her 3rd senior development cut).

In the finals, Maddie revved things up another notch, scorching a blistering 1:11.86 in the 100 back, good for 12th place. This swim, we believed, was where we thought Maddie had just taken her swimming to new levels, and perhaps it was the catalyst, but it was actually the 50 freestyle just minutes later, where Maddie would not just repeat a good morning swim, but BLAST to an 11th place finish in 28.57 – this time qualified Maddie to compete at the CA/Nevada Sectional Championships in December. Maddie is the first CMAC athlete in history to attain a sectional time standard. We are so thrilled for her, and proud of all the dedication, focus, and toughness that went into this achievement. Congratulations Maddie, congratulations to all qualifiers and competitors, and GO CMAC!!!