2019-2020 SCY Season - Registration

Hello EMAC

Thank you for your patience as we worked through several new exciting opportunities for our athletes as our team continues to reach newer and higher levels of performance.  

If you know someone who wants to join EMAC, please have them complete the inquiry form HERE.  

We've been receiving inquiries continually since Feb and we are beginning our evaluations tomorrow.  


Registration opens Monday, July 29.

Please read the details of the 2019-2020 SCY Registration and Season HERE. 


Killer Bee Swimmers

Please review the three options: ​

The Killer Bee EXCEL option is for our more committed and competitive HS-aged athletes.  Look for an email from Coach O with more details.  If you read the information and you are sure that you want to be in the EXCEL group, go ahead and register for the EXCEL group.  If you are not sure, communicate with Coach O. 

You can register for the Killer Bee Competitive Group and move to the Killer Bee EXCEL Group prior to September after communication with Coach O.

Within our Killer Bee EXCEL option will be a structured Strength and Conditioning Program which will be designed and administered by Matt Beckwith at F13 Performance.  

The coaching staff all agree that our athletes will benefit greatly from a structured strength training specific to the needs of advanced swimmers.  Matt Beckwith, a high-level former USA Swimming Coach now working in the strength and conditioning field at F13 Performance has agreed to design and implement a training program that compliments and enhances the work we are doing in the water.  

Wasp Group Swimmers

We are excited to add some extra opportunities for our more committed Wasp Group Swimmers.  This group will mirror much of what we are doing in our Killer Bee EXCEL group, and we can't wait to tell you more about it at our group meetings at the end of August. 

If you have any questions about the Killer Bee Group, please email Coach O.

If you have any questions about the Wasps or Bees Groups, please email Coach Seth.  

After a historic 2018-2019 SCY Season for EMAC, we are looking to take another step forward towards becoming one of the best teams in Middle Atlantic Swimming.