Midwestern Swimming Champions!! Long Course 2019

It was ten years ago at Woods Park in Lincoln when GOAL won it's first and only Midwestern Swimming championship meet.  GOAL celebrated that 10-year anniversary by winning the meet for a second time, in dominating fashion, last night at Woods Park.  With around a 200 point lead over defending champion Lincoln Select Swimming (LSS) going into the final session, GOAL opened it up to a 592-point margin of victory over LSS by the meet's end.  GOAL's meet theme was "Here Comes the Fun", and with the loudspeaker playing the Beatle's "Here Comes The Sun", GOAL was handed the team trophy.   The most impressive part of the meet was GOAL's sustaining on deck energy, improving on a tradition GOAL has of being a very spirited presence at the championship meet.  Great job GOAL swimmers and families on a wonderful weekend of swimming and teamwork!  Here is a scoring summary of the meet:

Top 5 teams, combined:  1- GOAL 4082   2- LSS 3490   3- Swim Omaha (SO) 2859.5   4- Aquatic Club of Elkhorn (ACE)  2394.5   5- Club Huskers 1767      

Top 5 Men's team scores:  1- GOAL 2256.5  2-  LSS 1694  3-SO 1453  4- ACE 966  5- Sarpy County 908.5

Top 5 Women's team scores:  1- GOAL 1825.5  2-  LSS 1796  3-ACE 1428.5  4- SO 1406.5  5- Club Huskers  1144.5

Individual high point standings: