CCS Summer JO: Clovis Wins and CCS Places 3 Teams in Top 4!

The CCS Summer Junior Olympic Championships were contested, this past week, July 25-28, at Clovis North Aquatics Complex in Fresno, CA.  

Clovis Swim Club topped the point total, while two other CCS teams, Roadrunner Aquatics and Tule Nation Tritons, helped to round out the tight field in the rest of field in the top 4.  The top 5 teams and scores are as follows:

Clovis Swim Club - 5886.5

Roadrunner Aquatics - 2534.5

Sandpipers of Nevada - 2468

Tule Nation Tritons - 2404.5

Tiger Aquatics - 1475

Also, notable top 10 finishes from Merced Skimmers Swim Team, placing 7th with 1009 points, and Yosemite Marlins Swim Club, placing 9th with 865 points.

For full scores and results, please visit the meet's landing page: 

Great swimming CCS!