AMS Swimmer Dress Code


AMS Swimmer Dress Code

Swimsuits worn at competition must be nontransparent and conform to the current concepts of the appropriate. To further clarify, boys shall wear suits which cover the buttocks and are not cut too low in the front.  Girls shall wear suits which cover the buttocks and chest area. A purposeful violation of the modesty dress code may be reported to the meet referee who will discuss with the athlete’s coach.  The coach may need to address the violation and required action with their swimmer.  Swimmers with suits that do not meet modesty standards or do not properly cover the areas addressed may be asked to adjust the suit or change their attire before they are permitted to participate further in the swimming competition.  The referee(s), coach(s), or athlete(s) have the right to request a review by which the meet jury will convene.

Officials -

Officials are NEVER permitted to discuss this with the athlete.  If a violation is observed, please report it to the referee and the referee will discuss the issue with the swimmer’s coach. 

Officials should remember that we are not inspecting and that athletes come in all shapes and sizes and the policy was created for those athletes that have a blatant disregard for the modesty policy.

*This dress code will be included in all AMS meet announcements*