2019-20 Winter Season information

After a successful Summer Season, we are looking forward to our 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Swim Team Season. We are finalizing the rosters and practice schedules, but other information is available below. IF you have any questions, please email Coach Bill –

Rosters and practice schedules will follow soon in a separate email.
NOTE –ALL Swimmers must do a “Start Registration” on since EVERYONE’S account will be suspended in early August!

Blue Ash YMCA Swim Team Registration Steps

YMCA Membership: 

All swimmers on the regular swim team at the Blue Ash YMCA must be a Member of the BLUE ASH YMCA (can’t be a member of another branch or YMCA). See front desk about options for memberships.

Online Registration Details for

Online registration for the Fall Winter 2019-2020 season will begin on August 19th.

Go to our website, , and click on the “start registration”.

EVERYONE must do a new “start registration”. This will open your old account if you are returning!

Have ready: credit card (Mastercard or Visa), insurance information, doctor’s phone numbers and tee-shirt sizes.

There will be a $100 charge at registration per swimmer. In addition we will continue with the Family Commitment fee of $150 per family – the fee will be credited back to your account after families have worked at swim meets during the year.

If your swimmer decides to stop swimming we must know IMMEDIATELY so we can create a final bill and close out your account.

Swim meet fees will be collected each month (first of the month) along with any other charges (banquet, travel meets, etc.). Most swim meets have a fee involved with them, typically each event swum will have a fee, and each relay will have a fee. These are pre-paid by the team and then charged to the family afterwards.

If you have fees not paid from this past year, they will be collected at registration!

Front Desk Registration Details:

Swimmers can register at the front desk beginning on August 19th.

Coaching Fees for the winter season will be collected by the YMCA and each family must sign their swimmers up at the YMCA:

Senior 1 - 6 payments of $232 or total of $1390

Senior 2- 6 payments of $173 or total of $1040

Senior 3 – 6 payments of $120 or total of $725

Age Group 1 – 6 payments of $163 or total of $980

Age Group 2 - 6 payments of $125 or total of $750

Age Group 3 - 6 payments of $105 or total of $630

Age Group 4 - 6 payments of $85 or total of $510

After you register your swimmers on, we will “approve” them (may be a few days to get approved) and you’ll be all set.

Registration must occur by September 10! We are taking new swimmers, so we need to see our numbers so we can decide if the team is full by then or not.

We will continue the Family Commitment Fee for the 2019-2020 season -

After many years of discussions and evaluations, the BASH Parent Board has voted to implement at Family Commitment Fee of $150 per family for last season. We are going to continue since we had most families easily meet their commitment. The vast majority of families were credited back their full commitment fee.  We have a few families who volunteer above and beyond our expectations, we have many families who just meet our volunteer expectations and we have a growing number of families who don’t volunteer or volunteer very little. Our swim meets and activities depend on volunteers, and we have been struggling to fill all of our needs. Therefore, the fee is continuing for this year. Families who volunteer for 9 sessions at swim meets will earn their fee back.  Families with more than one swimmer will have no extra commitment for their additional swimmers.  Four times per year, families will be given $50 credit for 3 sessions of volunteering. Families can earn an extra $50 if they exceed the 9 session requirement. Families have one full year to achieve the 9 session of volunteering.  If one leaves the team before the sessions are covered, the Family Commitment Fee will not be refunded. BASH hosts or co-hosts over 10 meets a year, plus we are required to have volunteers for 4 championship meets, giving families well over 50 sessions to pick from to volunteer.  We will also offer a few non- swim meet volunteering opportunities to give you a few more chances to meet the commitment.

Swimmers assignments and practice schedules will be sent soon in a separate email.


  1. All swimmers (including Dolphin swimmers) must register at the Main Desk and pay their coaching fees. Swimmers can registering at the front desk and online starting August 19th!
  2. All Swimmers (excluding Dolphin swimmers) must sign up on our website for swim meets and communications starting on August 19th.
  3. All families must pay the $150 Family Commitment Fee on the team website during swimmers’ registration, as well as a $100 per swimmer registration fee. All swimmers must be a YMCA Member (Dolphin swimmers have a non-member option).
  4. All swimmers must sign and return Lindsay’s Law paperwork and concussion awareness video. Information will be available during registration.


Starting Dates –

Senior 1-2-3 start Monday, September 9 with their fall schedule. They will have optional practices Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30-5:00 PM, Dryland ONLY, August 20 & 22 & 27 & 29 and September 3.

Age Group 1 starts Monday September 9

Age Group 2-3-4 all start Monday, September 17,

Age Group 4 will have a special Diving Clinic, Tuesday and Thursday September 10 & 12 in Main Pool, 6:30-7:30 PM Corrected dates

Dolphin Swimmers start the week of September 24