RY Registration News

Hi again, parents!

I had several of you approach me about swimming at the Reading YMCA this fall and winter. Registration for returning swimmers begins tomorrow - August 1st. Registration for new swimmers planning to join begins on August 8th. I cannot predict if we will have to put a cap on our roster numbers, so please don't procrastinate if your child is a new member. Please plan on registering on the morning of the 8th if possible. 

Also, the first night of practice will be on September 16th. The Parent Start-Up Meeting will also take place on the night of September 16th. More information will follow as we get closer to that date.

To register, go on our team website, which is If you are having trouble registering or if you have any questions, email our head coach, Kim Evans, at . You may also email me with any questions. 

Take care,