Canadian Junior Championships - Day 5&6

**This article has been edited and corrected to reflect the fact that it was in fact coach Parker Brown swimming the breaststroke leg of the finals of the 4x100 Medley Relay. As a result we are looking, once again, for a new editor…with the current one being let go less than 24 hours after starting the job…will have to stop giving the editing job to people walking in off the street in the future!

30 July 2019 (Lake Chaparal, Calgary) - Day 5 of the Canadian Junior Championships on Sunday evening was a barn burner of a night with the guys and girls relays closing out the pool side of the meet in a dramatic fashion the likes of which has been rarely seen! 

On Monday, the final event for the Championships was swum and that was the open water meet which was either a 1500m or 3000m race in one of Calgary’s beautiful manmade lakes. Our fearless contingent of swimmers braved what some have called, “the only shark infested man made recreational lake” in the province - all of our swimmers coming out relatively unscathed and bite free!

Devon Angus produced a bronze medal swim in the girls 13-14 year-old race - getting around the metric mile (give or take) in 20:20.50. Kiera Kennedy was right behind in the top group finishing 5th - he highest placing at her very first juniors!

Back in the pool Sunday night was the 50 free, the 200IM and the 400 free as well as the 4x100 Medley Relay.

Our 200IM final saw Ella Varga swim to 8th in the “A” final with a 2:22.95 swim which was a lifetime best by two seconds. Addison Butler was in the big “A” final for the very first time in the week finishing 8th in 2:19.80 - he still has one more year in that age-category!

Devon Angus went another best time in time in the 400m freestyle final dropping another two seconds from the morning to go 4:35.57 and take a total of four seconds off on the day from her free best time finishing 7th overall.

Next up, talk about a race to hang your hat on…at least until the next meet we go to. The 4x100 Medley Relay was as bombastic as they come and was such an epic battle between the top-4 teams in the meet with so much riding on final overall team placings - it was like watching the Eastern - Western Stanley Cup Conference finals play out in the pool right in front of you!

The Cascade girls took the fight to the field with a backstroke leg from Payton Kelly that was the fastest in the race and a lifetime best time as well. Both Isabelle Roth and Ella Varga followed that with lifetime best splits of their own on the breaststroke and butterfly respectively. Roth got into the 1:12’s for the very first time and Ella not only cracked 1:03 for the first time but 1:02 as well. On the anchor leg it fell to Gray Almasi who had been on fire all week long in almost all of her races - and this one was no different! Almasi crushed out a 27.4 first 50m to her feet and then brought it home like a house on fire to take the gold by two seconds! Not only did our girls take to the gold by they took down the old 15-17 girls club record that had stood for four years set by Ingrid Wilm, Danica MacDonald, Taryn Pratt and Paige Bergen at the 2015 Juniors in Quebec City. A comparison of the two records - set four years a part almost to the the day!

                           2019 Juniors                      2015 Juniors

                           Kelly 1:04.12                     Wilm 1:02.13

                           Roth 1:12.24                     MacDonald 1:14.96

                           Varga 1:01.40                   Pratt 1:02.38

                           Almasi 58.52                     Bergen 58.32

                           Final 4:16.28                     FInal 4:17.79

The Cascade senior record was set just over a week later (set in 2015 and which still stands) at the Canadian Swimming Championships just missing the Canadian senior national (club) record at the time and still stands as the #4 swim of all-time in Canada for club relays. It is also a mark these four girls who won at Juniors still have plenty of time to get!

                           2015 - Cascade senior record

                           Wilm 1:00.98

                           Pasloski 1:09.52

                           Pratt 1:01.58

                           Snodgrass 56.07

                           FInal 4:08.15

In the  boys event it was just as exciting with another incredible four way race between us, Pointe Claire, Keyano and Guelph Marlins. Cascade got to an early lead with a strong backstroke leg from one of Cascade’s Canadian World Junior team members, Sebastian Somerset, who put up his fastest back 100 of the weekend. Breaststroke duty fell to coach Parker Brown who was in action pleasing all the fans in the stands and all of his little swimmers he works with all year long - he put up his fastest split of all time.On butterfly Youssef Maksoud rocked it and then rocked his shoulder at the 100 wall…dislocating it! It popped back in on the turn and incredibly Maksoud managed to finish the 100 in no small amount of pain but finished it nonetheless! Anchor duty was taken up by Stephen Hou who had been strong on his freestyle in the relays all weekend long. At the 100 Cascade was first by a couple of seconds and then just ever so narrowly second at the half way pint after the breast. 2:03.84, 2:04.04, 2:04.79 and 2:05.06 were the top-4 teams splits. After fly was just 3/10ths back of Pointe Claire and 4/10ths back of Guelph with Keyano nipping at our heals. In an incredibly close finish we needed up with bronze behind Keyano and Pointe Claire in one nail-biter of a race: 3:52.60, 3:52.89. 3:53.74 and 3:54.00!

                          2019 - bronze

                          Somerset 56.84

                          Douglas 1:07.20

                          Maksoud 56.85

                          Hou 52.85

                          Final 3:53.74

An incredible finish to an amazing night of racing!

“B” finals results

50 Free

Girls 15-17 Gray Almasi 27.48 11th

Boys 14-15 Addison Butler 25.51 14th

200 IM

Girls 15-17 Liz Harper 2:28.28 15th

Boys 16-18 Matt Cyr 2:11.13 9th


Open Water Results:

Girls 13-14 Corah Wilson 12th

Boys 14-15 Hayden Woodrow 4th

Adam Connell 10th

Addison Butler 17th

Caleb Gaine 20th

Kadin Werner Enns 24th

Boys 16-18 Mathieu Cyr 14th

Kian Pratt 21st



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