Club Records Broken! Canadian Jr Championships

Three Olympians Swim Club records were broken at the Canadian Jr Championships by swimmers Joshua Kim, Hugh McNeill and Katie Schroeder.

Joshua Kim (17 years) Broke the Olympians Swim Club record in the 200m Backstroke with a best time of 2:24.26

Hugh McNeill (16 years) Broke the Olympians 200m Backstroke club record with a best time of 2:02.54.  Hugh also came away with a Gold medal in this event.

Katie Schroeder (13 years) Broke the Olympians Swim Club record in the  100m Backstroke with a best time of 1:04.78. She came away with a silver medal in this event and also achieved her first Swimming Canada "On-Track" (Track 2) time. This means that Katie will now be part of the list of swimmers that Swimming Canada will be looking at when it comes to the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) or Carding.

Great swimming everyone, keep it up!