Another BIG JO Meet for Clovis Swim Club!!!

Another BIG JO Meet for Clovis Swim Club!!!

With a group of 123 athletes, the expectations were VERY high for Clovis Swim Club, as the total participants reflected the highest number we have had in the past five years, and possibly EVER!  CSC did not waiver under those expectations…not in the least!  GREAT leadership by our older swimmers and GREAT enthusiasm by our younger swimmers allowed our crew to “Impress the Clovis Way!”  Enough of the story telling, let’s get to the facts:

  1. Clovis Swim Club                              5,886.5
  2. Roadrunner Aquatics                      2,534.5
  3. Sandpipers of Nevada                    2,468
  4. Tule Nation Tritons                          2,404.5
  5. Tiger Aquatics                                    1,475
  6. Lifetime Nevada Swim Team       1,031.5


33 Individual JO Championships:  Audrey Hill (5), Hailey Marinovich (1), Sienna Abernathy (2), Hannah Marinovich (5), Avery Nestor (1), Alexis Naranjo (4), Avery Easterling (3), Olivia Sundgren (1), Mackenzie Miller (3), Kyler James (1), Kevin Chen (1), Max Tuggle (2), Matthew Chen (2), Keosonemyxay Winslow (1), Ryan Cookingham (1).


21 Relay JO Championships:

10&U Girls 200 Medley:  Rowyn W, Hailey M, Audrey H, Gwyneth V

12&U Boys 400 Free:  Max T, Roman D, Nate R, Matt C

12&U Girls 400 Medley:  Alyssa R, Hannah M, Brighton W, Sienna A

12&U Boys 400 Medley:  Matt C, Winston L, Max T, Roman D

14&U Boys 200 Medley:  Chase B, Jaydan C, Keosonemyxay W, Hayden L

8&U Boys 200 Free:  Zachary F, Tristen D, Own F, Liam M

14&U Girls 800 Free:  Avery E, Abby H, Avery N, Alexis N

Open Girls 200 Free:  Kyler J, Brooklyn W, Jaylee F, Amber D

14&U Girls 200 Free:  Brooklyn G, Alexis N, Bianca F, Avery N

Open Boys 200 Medley:  Ryan C, Colton A, Justin W, Keomyxay W

12&U Boys 200 Free:  Max T, Nate R, Winston L, Matt C

12&U Girls 200 Free:  Sienna A, Alyssa R, Alyssa H, Hannah M

Open Girls 400 Medley:  Maya H, Mackenzie M, Kyler J, Jaylee F

Open Girls 800 Free:  Mackenzie M, Jaylee F, Ashley W, Maya H

14&U Boys 400 Medley:  Chase B, Jaydan C, Keosonemyxay W, Hayden L

10&U Girls 200 Free:  Rowyn W, Hailey M, Audrey H, Gwyneth V

12&Un Boys 200 Medley:  Nathan C, Winston L, Matt C, Max T

Open Girls 200 Medley:  Maya H, Natalie M, Kyler J, Amber D

12&U Girls 200 Medley:  Alyssa R, Hannah M, Alyssa H, Sienna A

12&U Girls 400 Free:  Hannah M, Alyssa H, Brighton W, Alyssa R

8&U Boys 200 Medley:  Jeremiah C, Tristen D, Justus R, Dylan M


60 Western Zone Age Group Champs Time Standards:  Emily C (1), Avery E (4), Bianca F (1), Skylar G (3), Audrey H (6), Hailey M (6), Hannah M (8), Alexis N (4), Avery N (2), Olivia S (2), Rowyn W (2), Kevin C (6), Matthew C (8), Hayden L (3), Max T (4).


4 Clovis Swim Club Team Records:

Audrey Hill:  10&Un girls 50m freestyle 30.57 (old record, Leslie Schubert, 1993)

Kevin Chen:  10&Un boys 50m breaststroke 39.70 (old record, Kevin Chen 2019)

Hannah Marinovich:  11-12 girls 50m breaststroke 34.24 (old record, Hannah Marinovich, 2019)

Hannah Marinovich:  11-12 girls 200m breaststroke 2:39.98 (old record, Hannah Marinovich, 2019) – new CCS record!


As always, coaches and parents from visiting teams were very complimentary of our team’s hospitality and ability to run a great meet!  Thank-you to all of our parents, coaches, swimmers, officials, and all volunteers for your efforts! 

Lastly, just a note to bring attention to the efforts and results of ALL swimmer of our team.  I know that we only highlight so few swimmers and so few swims, but every event, every lap, and every stroke is so meaningful in these championship meets that help grow our swimmers into great people who are learning to be successful in these defining moments.  We recognize and are proud of this awesomeness in every one of our athletes!