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2019 Tri-City Open

Manta Rays Shine at first Long Course Meet
Twenty-five Manta Ray swimmers attended the Tri-City Open Meet last weekend, with nearly
everyone swimming best times in their events. For some, it was their first long course meet
ever. Those swimmers were: Olivia Alamos (8), Savannah Alamos (15), Luca Cristoloveanu
(10), Sara Estudillo (9), Josiah Wallace (11) and Lennox Leeder (8). Across the board, the
entire team had massive time cuts and several top sixteen finishes. Annika Burke cut nearly 3
seconds from her 100 freestyle and 100 breaststroke. Sydnee Campos took 35 seconds off her
100 backstroke, 37 seconds off her 100 butterfly, and 19 seconds off her 100 freestyle. Taytum
Courtright dropped five seconds off her 100 freestyle time. Sofia Estudillo cut 23 seconds from
her 100 backstroke, finished in 8th place in the 100 breaststroke and cut 22 seconds off her 100
freestyle time. Julia Heaps shaved 7 seconds from her 100 backstroke, 12 seconds off her 200
freestyle and 6 seconds from her 100 breaststroke. Alli Hines dropped 8 seconds in her 200
I.M. and 9 seconds in her 100 butterfly. Melody Lake cut 13 seconds off her 200 I.M., 29
seconds off her 100 backstroke and finished in 3rd place in the 200 breaststroke, swimming the
event for the first time. Payton Leeder bested her 200 I.M. time by 19 seconds and her 200
backstroke time by over 32 seconds. She also cut 23 seconds off her 200 breaststroke and 14
seconds off her 200 freestyle. Ashton McKean cut an incredible 33 seconds off his 200 I.M. and
27 off the 200 freestyle. Iver Miner dropped 14 seconds in his 100 butterfly, 8 seconds in his 50
freestyle and over 10 seconds in his 50 breaststroke. Sam O’Shea slashed 18 seconds from
his 50 freestyle time and over 12 seconds off his 50 backstroke time. Issabelle Parrish cut 37
seconds off her 200 freestyle to finish in 16th place. She also cut 14 seconds off her 100
backstroke, 11 seconds off her 50 breaststroke and 100 freestyle and a whopping 21 seconds
off her 50 butterfly. Makhaela Parrish cut 22 seconds off her 200 backstroke, 11 seconds from
her 100 backstroke and nearly 15 seconds off her 200 freestyle. Marcus Quezada bested his
100 breaststroke time by over 9 seconds and his 100 butterfly by nearly 19 seconds. He also
cut over 6 seconds in his 50 butterfly to finish in 10th place. Britni Reed bested her time in the
50 freestyle. Kendall Vance cut 33 seconds off her 200 freestyle and finished in 2nd place. She
also had a 5th place finish in the 100 breaststroke. She earned herself a 4th place finish in the
200 I.M. after dropping nearly 20 seconds. She also had a 4th place finish in the 50 freestyle.
She cut almost 12 seconds off her 100 freestyle time to finish in 2nd place and had 6th place
finishes in the 50 backstroke and 50 butterfly. Zachary Washburn finished in 2nd place in the
50 freestyle, 5th in the 100 butterfly and 4th in the 200 freestyle. Jessica Williams had a best
time in her 100 breaststroke and finished in 15th place.