Waves 2019/2020 Registration!

Welcome to the Waves 2019/2020 Season!  Online registration will open August 10th.  To register, simply go to our team website at and click the Waves 2019/2020 Registration Tab on the front page.  Register by 8/18/19 for the discounted early registration fee of $125.00.  Starting 8/19/19 the registration fee will be $150.00 per swimmer. With your Waves registration, you will receive 2 Waves t-shirts, a Waves swim cap, and registration with New England Swimming and USA Swimming.

A couple of changes have been made as we head into the 2019/2020 season.  After several years of fees staying the same, this year the fees for each group are increasing slightly.  Please note that the names of the training groups have changed:  Please see our new swim dues below:

                                                                11 payments

Junior B (old Age Group 1)            monthly $165/month     yearly/$1724.25                (5% PIF Discount)

Junior A (old Age Group 2)            monthly $205/month     yearly/$2142.25                (5% PIF Discount)

Senior B (old Junior)                      monthly $255/month     yearly/$2664.75                (5% PIF Discount)

Senior A (old Senior)                     monthly $295/month      yearly/$3082.75                (5% PIF Discount)

Also new at Registration

At the time of registration you will be charged both $125.00 (early registration fee discount) or $150.00 per athlete for the Registration Fee, AND the amount of the swimmers’ July 2020 dues.  For example, a swimmer in the Senior A group (previously Senior Group), will pay the $150.00 Registration Fee plus $295.00 for a total of $445.00 at Registration.  This is non-refundable.  With your registration fee, you will receive 2 Waves Team t-shirts, a Waves Team Swim Cap and Registration with USA Swimming and New England Swimming.  Note that you will thus not be billed on July 1 for July training, as this will already have been paid.

Sibling Discount—The Waves offer a sibling discount.  The swimmer in the highest group will pay full team dues.  Each subsequent sibling will receive 10% off their monthly swim dues.

Looking forward to a great season!

Go Waves!