8-9-19 Sea Dragons Update

  O’Fallon YMCA Sea Dragon Families, 

Thank you for your patience while we awaited responses from swim families. We are excited to announce that we have more than enough positive responses from our families that we will continue the Sea Dragons for 2019-2020. Some families have decided to move on and we support them doing what is best for their family and their future swimmers.

  • We will have openings for swimmers at all cap levels so we encourage you to share with your friends that evaluations will take place on SATURDAY, August 17 at 5:00pm. If your swimmer is available to assist escorting swimmers from the lobby to the pool deck, please let one of the coaches know as we would love to have their help! 

  • Cap levels for returning swimmers will be assigned and emailed to families on Sunday 8/18.  

  • We are working with our partners at B&B Aquatics to schedule a time for our parent meeting. Stay tuned for more information! 

  • Practice begins on Monday 9/9. 

  • We are currently in the process of searching for a Head Coach. The process has been slow and we are looking for the right leader to help move our team forward. We have developed a full-time position consisting of a head coach for the swim team and coordinator of private swim lessons. If you know of anyone who might be interested, tell them to visit and search for careers. Or email:  

Swimmers, we are excited to start the year again with you tearing up the water! Registration is currently open at the YMCA. Just come in and register. The membership team at the Welcome Center is awaiting your arrival!

I want to give special thanks to Coach Nicole, Coach Jackie and Coach Megan for the countless hours they’ve spent on the phone with you and in my office working out details. They are a true treasure and we’re looking forward to their leadership. 

You are the heart and soul of this team. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to email me at or call the YMCA at 636-379-0092. 

More questions will be answered at the evaluation night and by then we will have a date and time for the parent meeting . Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the Sea Dragons and the O’Fallon Family YMCA for updates. 

See you Saturday the 17th @ 5pm!

Matt Jones - Executive Director, O’Fallon Family YMCA