Remind 101 - Individual group codes

Good Afternoon NJRC 

In efforts to make our communication with you as fantastic as possible we have now seperated our Remind 101 Text Service into each practice group. We are doing in this in hopes to limit the texts you get that do not have anything to do with your swimmer ( Caused by being lumped all in one group )

Please join your groups Remind 101 by taking out your phone. Type in 81010 - In the message portion please type the following according to what group your swimmer is in.

Pre Competitive Team - @njrcp

Juniors - @njrcswim

Junior 1 - @njrcj

Junior 2- @njrcj2

Junior 3 - @njrcj3

Junior Premier - @njrcjr

Senior 1 - @4g2kefb

Senior 2 - @gfd2d7

Senior Premier - @h444be

We hope by putting each of you in your correct groups, we can send you information that pertains to your swimmers group only. 

Enjoy your day and please do this ASAP. We will no longer by sending messages to an "entire team" group


Kyle W

NJRC #BurnTheShips