Goldfins are Ready to Compete in the 2019 Western Canada Games

Goldfins Swimmers Join Team Sask to Compete in the 2019 Western Canada Games

Saskatoon Goldfins swimmers will compete in the 2019 Western Canada Games, Swift Current, SK, August 10 – 13, 2019.  Jayden Bilous, Hannah Heggstrom, Andrew Nghiem, Elena Park, Nathan Vong, and Coach Gary Cheung will be participating as members of Team Saskatchewan at these Multi-Sport Games.

The Goldfins’ swimming schedule is as follows:

Saturday, August 10, 2019:

Hannah Heggstrom –      200M Freestyle & 100M Backstroke

Andrew Nghiem -             200M & 1500M Freestyle

Jayden Bilous -                  200M Freestyle & 100M Backstroke

Nathan Vong -                    50M Breaststroke & 1500M Freestyle

Elena Park -                         100M Fly & 100M Backstroke


Sunday, August 11, 2019:

Andrew Nghiem -             400M Individual Medley & 400M Freestyle

Jayden Bilous -                  100M Breaststroke & 50M Fly

Nathan Vong -                   100M Breaststroke & 200M Individual Medley

Hannah Heggstrom -        50M Backstroke & 400M Freestyle

Elena Park -                          50M Backstroke & 400M Freestyle


Monday, August 12, 2019:

Hannah Heggstrom -       100M Freestyle & 200M Backstroke

Elena Park -                          50M & 100M Freestyle

Jayden Bilous -                   50M & 100M Freestyle

Andrew Nghiem -             200M Breaststroke & 200M Backstroke

Nathan Vong -                   200M Breaststroke & 200M Backstroke


Tuesday, August 13, 2019:

Elena Park -                         1500M Freestyle (Open Water)

Jayden Bilous -                  1500M Freestyle (Open Water)

Andrew Nghiem -             1500M Freestyle (Open Water)

Nathan Vong -                   1500M Freestyle (Open Water)


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Go Goldfins Go!  Go Team Sask Go!