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Gilroy Gators Swim Team
Important Updates

Garbage Pick Up - Disregard our previous email. We will not pick up garbage. The festival association has decided we do not need to be in the park this soon and they will handle it. I know we can all find other ways to help our community and the victims. 

Pool Closure - This has been pushed back another month and we will all swim at GHS thru September 30th. Please look for an email about practice times soon as they may need adjusted due to water polo season. 

Swimathon - Originally scheduled upon our return to practice we have decided to pick another day (TBD) in Septemebr now that we will still be at GHS. 

Meet Schedule - We have been updating the web calendar with the meets our Team will be attending. Please mark your calendars now and plan ahead so that we can have good attendance this season. The more swimmers the more time drops and the more fun! 

Dues Increase - Our board voted last month to increase our dues a little in preparation for this season as we will be displaced and paying for use of facilities at multiple sites while the GHS pool is closed. I apologize for not getting this out sooner. My intention was to send this out August 1st but it didn't happen. We try to keep our dues low and not increase often. We have been fortunate for a long time to have low pool rental fees but starting with our 2020-2021 contract with GUSD, once we are back at the new pool, we are taking a large increase. We have also been very fortunate to have strong parent support with our fundraising events such as Swim Meets and the Garlic Festival that will help carry us through this time but our monthly income does not cover our monthly expenses. We hope the new fee structure will help keep us in a favorable financial situation while still allowing us to be competitive with surrounding teams. 

Beginning September 1st these groups will increase by $10/month: Water Lizards, Mighty Gators, Cruisin' Crocs

Beginning September 1st these groups will increase by $15/month: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Senior Dev., Senior

Thank you for your understanding and help as we continue to provide and grow a strong compettive program for our swimmers! Feel free to reach out to any board member with questions. 

I apologize for cramming so much into one email but considering we are all on "vacation" from swim I thought maybe one was better