SRST: Clearing up Confusion on Registration

Hello Team!

Thanks for an amazing season!  It was a pleasure getting to work with your kids at the pool.  Watching them improve and develop over the last year was so's why we do this!  We have big plans for you guys in the 2019-2020 season.  It's going to be a great year of team building and personal development!

Here are some notes regarding next season:

  1. The Intent to Return form was simply to help us with budgeting and give us an idea of how to negotiate for lane space with SAC.
  2. All families wishing to return will need to click the Join Team tab on the website and go thru the entire electronic registration process.  This is done each and every year.
  3. Registration is reserved thru Aug. 16th for our existing SRST guys are our #1 priority.  After that (on the 17th of Aug.) any open spots will go to new prospective members (and there are a lot).  We will have pretty full lanes (as usual) but we will not overload.  So, if you do plan to return you need to do your online registration ASAP (before the 17th).
  4. Please read thru everything carefully on the Join Team Page.  There have been a couple minor changes in regards to fees, schedules and policies.
  5. Don't forget to print out your MAAPP Acknowledgement and Concussion form during the registration and bring those in to your coach on day one or mail in prior to the start of practice.
  6. If you selected to register and "Pay by Check", please mail your registration payment into the PO Box.
  7. The HS 4 x Week option is only for swimmers doing HS swimming.  This is not a payment option for swimmers wanting to participate less and save money.  Therefore you should only be signing up for this group if you are a HS girl participating 4 x week or less during the 3 month HS season.  The boys will be switched from their current billing group to the 4 x week category starting in December and going thru February (3 months total).  HS boys (the account holder) will need to email Ben 2 weeks prior to the beginning of Dec. to have Ben adjust the account.
  8. HS swimmers doing both HS and SRST full time will remain on normal billing thru the entire year.
  9. Any family wanting to take a 1-3 months off during the year can request to Coach Ben to have billing put on 50% rate (this will hold your spot on the team).  Please email this request any time to Coach Ben (at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing).

SRST Mailing Address (all checks made out to SRST):

PO Box 652 Monroe WA 98272


Coach Ben