GMA Team Updates and 2019-2020 Fall Plans!

Dear GMA Families,

We hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Vermont August and that you are looking forward to the rest of your summer with family and friends.  We are having a great finish to the season with our open water week this week and our long course celebration next Monday 8/19/19.  It’s been a strong summer of team learning, fun team travel experiences and quality championship meets.  We can’t wait for the final year in the 2020 Quad and all of the excitement to come in our sport!

As we look ahead to the 2019-2020 season, we hope that our GMA families are excited to return to the team this fall.  If you have any questions about our online registration process, our GMA training groups, introducing friends to our team or what to expect in the coming year, please feel free to e-mail, text or call Laura Matuszak directly.  We want to be sure to address any of your questions and concerns quickly and directly.  This is an exciting time of transitions and new opportunities for GMA.  We are just thrilled to be embarking on our 23rd GMA year and we can’t wait for you to join us!

In general, we have planned for the coming year to be very similar to last year.  Our team practice times, fee structure and coaching structure is very much the same.  You may have already heard that I will be taking on additional hours and responsibilities at Champlain Valley CrossFit to fulfill my professional coaching goals.  I feel so blessed to be able to coach full time, to have the stability to continue directing and coaching Green Mountain Aquatics (my pride and joy) and to work with so many incredible athletes and families who are focused on personal improvement, outstanding physical performance and excellent team comradery.  What this means for the team is that I will be coaching GMA athletes Monday through Saturday; I will continue to oversee all team operations and I will continue to challenge our team “to provide the BEST competitive program in New England for technique, training, commitment and personal excellence!” 

In terms of scheduling specifics, Laura will coach Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday morning lifting, Thursdays, Friday morning doubles and Saturdays.  Coach Jim will take on additional coaching and will oversee the Senior, Sectional and National Groups.  He will be present on deck in the evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as on Saturday mornings.  Coach Elizabeth will oversee our Prep, State, Regional and Age Groups groups and will expand her administrative role with the team.  She will serve as the Administrative Official at swim meets, help with the GMA website and assist with team education. Coach Lizzy, Coach Tim, Coach Brad and Coach Katie will continue to work with the Prep, State. Regional and Age Groups groups. I expect that Coach Brad will continue to provide our leadership with the Age Groups group and will be a strong presence at practice for the team during the week as well as on Friday afternoons.  We thank all of our dedicated GMA coaches for your years of commitment to the team and for leading us toward our 2020 team goals!

We have so many GREAT GMA events and activities already planned for the fall.  We will be in touch throughout the next few weeks with reminders about team registration, team activities, goal setting meeting sign-ups and parent meetings!  We can’t wait to see you ALL back at the pool for the START of the SHORT COURSE SEASON on Tuesday 9/3/19!  In the meantime, here are some pertinent GMA team reminders:

  • Please click HERE to link to our GMA TEAM GOOGLE CALENDAR with all of the latest team activities and events. 
    • The 2019-2020 preliminary short course meet schedule is currently included.
    • Click on an item of interest to get more information.
    • You can add events from the GMA Team Google Calendar to your own personal Google Calendar to stay organized!
  • Please click HERE to link to our GMA Team Practice Schedule on the GMA website.
  • Please click HERE to link to the New England Swimming Qualifying Times page. (Please note that the 2020 championship cut times are not yet posted and will be posted here soon.)
  • Please click HERE to REGISTER your athletes for the 2019-2020 GMA Short Course season!

We will see you in the water soon!


Laura Matuszak

Head Coach, Green Mountain Aquatics