Western Canada Summer Games - Event Recap

15 August 2019 (Swift Current, SK) - The Western Canada Games, a once every four-year event, is over and done with and Cascade had some pretty incredible representation from five of our best youngsters:

Devon Angus

Addison Butler

Adam Connell

Caleb Gaine

Hayden Woodrow

The meet ran in the Swfit’s 6-lane 50m pool over the weekend through until the open water on Tuesday (10-13 August) and Team Alberta once again crushed it: 33 swimmers, 7 staff, 5 days of racing and 103 medals in swimming! Of those 103 medals Cascade grabbed 22 for the program - what a weekend!

The meet format was somewhat unique with timed finals in all events and limited number of swimmers from each province that could score as well as a limit of 1 relay team on the podium per event. At the end of the day it appears that it was a fantastic experience for all of our athletes who all came away with not only medals but a great growing experience.

Medal list and results:


100 Free 1:03.35 7th

200 Free 2:11.78 3rd

100 Back 1:12.08 10th

1500 Free OW Silver

4x200 FR Mixed Gold

4x100 FR Silver

4x200 FR Gold

4x100 MR Bronze


50 Free 26.27 6th

50 Br 32.87 Bronze

100 Br 1:11.00 Silver

200 Br 2:39.85 Silver

200 IM 2:16.21 Gold

4x100 FR Gold

4X200 FR Gold

4x100 MR Gold


50 Free 26.98 8th

200 Free 2:03.60 Silver

800 Free 9:14.30 4th

1500 Fr 17:53.31 6th

100 Br 1:20.59 11th

200 IM 2:24.56 4th

1500 Free OW Gold

4x200 FR Mixed Gold


400 Free 4:33.66 5th

50 Back 30.28 Bronze

200 Back 2:20.95 Bronze

50 Br 35.41 10th

200 Br 2:53.57 7th


400 Free 4:19.54 Silver

800 Free 9:00.39 Silver

1500 Fr 17:08.86 Silver

100 Fly 1:04.92 10th

400 IM 4:58.16 Bronze

Open Water 3000 Silver

The next round of Western Canada Summer Games in 2023 will be in Manitoba before rotating through to Northwest Territories in 2027! Cascade is very proud of how our swimmers did and availed themselves of this great racing and rep team opportunity - next up will be the Canada Summer Games in 2021 in Niagara, ON.  

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