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Pre-Season News from the Pool

News from the Pool- Week of August 15



Tuesday, September 3- Our 12th season kicks off!!!

Tuesday, September 3- Last day to RSVP for Walnut Creek Senior Meet (Varsity/Senior only)

Wednesday, September 4- Dryland for PHS swimmers (due to home polo game)

Wednesday, September 4- Last day to RSVP for Gilroy Gators Meet (all swimmers)

Friday, September 6- Makeup class for PHS Mon/Wed Race Team swimmers, 6:00-6:45pm

Saturday, September 7- Stroke Clinic at PHS (all swimmers)

Wednesday, September 18- Dryland for PHS swimmers (due to home polo game)

Fri-Sun, September 20-22- Beat the Freeze (Varsity/Senior only)

Tuesday, September 17- Last day to RSVP for Race Morning (all swimmers)

Friday, September 20- Makeup class for PHS Mon/Wed Race Team swimmers, 6:00-6:45pm

Saturday, September 21- Race MORNING at PHS (all swimmers)

Tuesday, September 24- Last day to RSVP for Moraga Senior Meet (Varsity/Senior only)

Sat, September 28- Walnut Creek Senior Meet (Varsity/Senior only)


WELCOME! All accounts were activated yesterday for you to acclimate yourselves to the website, view all events for the season and for you to see if you have any questions before we start on September 3rd.  I’m back in the office (Coach Marisa) and ready to help you have a great start to the new season. So get those questions out and email me! Nothing is too small (but reading the weekly emails that are sent is a GREAT resource!)  This preliminary newsletter will get you started on news for the team. I’ll be putting together a very thorough one with more info that you might find helpful and it will be sent out the week before our season begins. Look for regular weekly newsletters every MONDAY. 


If you are BRAND NEW, be sure to check out our “We’ve joined the team, now what?! article written by a former BAY parent with 5 swimmers who went through our  program. She does a great job answering many of the questions you are wondering right this second.


Below is a brief review of some things to get in the “know” about for the upcoming season.   A great resource is the “Parent Info” tab on the homepage. If you’re looking for info and can’t find it, let me know.  We are VERY good at answering email (phone messages can take up to 24 hours to get through to us, so email is the best way to reach our staff.)  

  • What should they wear to practice?  Definitely a swimsuit. Whatever fits them is great.  Many boys find that jammers or briefs are the easiest to swim in.  Most 2 piece suits for girls tend to “ride up” a bit and make it harder to swim in. Tie back suits for girls are ok for practice, but they are not allowed (per USA Swimming rules) for meets.  

  • Goggles?  If they are used to them, yes.  Do they NEED to wear them? No.  

  • Caps?  All those in Race Team will get a blue or yellow cap on their first day.  All Race Teamers need to wear these caps. Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior boys- caps are optional (but great for longer hair.)  Girls in these groups with longer hair must wear caps. If you need to buy an additional cap, they are $5 and can be billed to your team account.

  • Sunscreen?  If your swimmer puts on their sunscreen at least 15 minutes BEFORE getting in the pool- YES!  Hooray for sun protection. If you put it on right before they get in the pool, you are wasting your money as it washes right off.  

  • Swim shirts- let’s skip those.  They make it WAY harder to swim and actually swim CORRECTLY.  They are like wearing clothes while you are drowning. While we are trying to practice proper strokes, let’s practice that in the easiest way possible for your kids.  

  • Towels and shoes for after practice- bring them.  They will need them!

  • Where to meet before practice begins?  At PHS, we meet outside the pool office.  At XG (Crossgates), we meet near the pool.  Coaches need to check swimmers in on attendance sheets BEFORE swimmers get in the pool (for safety, we need to know WHO is in the pool at all times.)  Do not have your swimmer just hop in if they are running late; stop and see your coach BEFORE they get in the pool!

  • Parking- at PHS, we are guests and need to drive with respect and courtesy in the parking lot.  There are many events going on throughout the evenings. It’s not worth an accident to rush through.  At Crossgates, we are also guests and must drive with courtesy and respect in the neighborhood and small parking lot.  If we get neighborhood complaints, we will NOT be able to use the facility. Please drive safely and slowly in and around the pool.

  • Coming on deck at PHS- please refrain from being on the deck while the PHS water polo team is practicing.  We are NOT ALLOWED to have parents or swimmers on deck unless it is a shared time. A good rule of thumb is to wait outside the pool gates until it’s your swimmer’s time to practice.  Between 5:45-7:45pm, we are AOK to be on deck though!

  • When to pick up your swimmer?  Your swimmer should be picked up within 5 minutes of practice ending.  They can not just “wait outside on the curb” until a parent arrives. Coaches can not stay past the contracted times of the facility.  Please plan accordingly and pick up your swimmers at the conclusion of their practice time.


SPECIAL PRE-SEASON CLINICS HELD NEXT WEEK: Is your swimmer itching for something to do?  Got to get the wiggles out? Looking for a way to cool them off?   We are offering a series of weekday clinics for swimmers to work in small groups with some of the coaches (and older swimmers as their assistants.)  Clinics are offered at Presentation from 6:00-6:30pm or 6:30-7:00pm. You may choose to sign your swimmer up for both times. Each clinic is $20 and billed to your BAY account.  To view available days/times, please follow these directions:

  • Log into the site

  • Click on “events” tab

  • Click on “job signup” beneath the clinic week you are interested in

  • Click on a box below the day/time you would like to sign up for

  • Enter your swimmer’s name into the pop up box

  • Have your swimmer meet the coaches pool side on the day of the clinic


TEAM EVENTS: If your swimmer would like to join us for one of the many team events/meets we have this season, please be sure to log into the team site (you received your password on 8/14), click on "events", then scroll thru what we have to offer.  By clicking on the event, you can read more about it before changing your reply from blank to YES. Some events are for specific groups or “qualifiers”, other are open to all swimmers in all groups. If you are uncertain if an event pertains to your swimmer, please read the description and then email me here if you are unclear.  We’d love for you to join us when you can!


END OF SEASON TREASURES: If your swimmer was on last season’s team, we have special pins for them (available for pickup in the PHS pool office or from the XG coaches once the season begins.)


DRYLAND FOR PHS SWIMMERS: We will have dryland workouts on the days when the PHS water polo team is hosting home games.  Swimmers should come in athletic apparel and shoes with laces to meet their coaches outside the pool area on the grass between the pool and the gym. 

  • Wednesday, September 4

  • Wednesday, September 18

  • Wednesday, October 16

  • Wednesday, October 23

We will host makeup practices for Blue and Yellow group swimmers on Fridays from 6-6:45pm on 9/6, 9/20, 10/11, 10/25, 11/1 and Saturday 10/12 from 11-noon.


LOCATION CHANGES: Since the PHS water polo team is hosting tournaments, we will move some practices to our Crossgates locations on the following days. 

  • Saturday, September 14- Senior, Varsity, JV+, JV, Gold 2 and Prep to Crossgates

  • Friday, September 27- Gold 2 and Prep to Crossgates

  • Saturday, September 28- JV+, JV, Gold 2 and Prep to Crossgates

  • Friday, October 18- Gold 2 and Prep to Crossgates

  • Saturday, October 19- JV+, JV, Gold 2 and Prep to Crossgates


  • Order team suits here

  • Check out the SwimOutlet team page for other team apparel here

  • Order Personalized caps here

  • Order team backpacks here.

  • Order team parkas here

Our team swimwear supplier is also celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving you 25% off your order through 9/3.  Illusions Activewear is open M-F 9-5pm (138 Gilman Avenue off Campbell Avenue between the Pruneyard and downtown) or available 408-370-3954 or through their website.   While the sale doesn’t apply to team suit orders, they have LOTS of other things for the whole family!