2019-2020 Registration is Open!!!

Registration Information:  Stroke School, Middle School Prep and Senior Prep's registration fee will be $35 per swimmer. There will be NO registration fee for all Age Group, Senior and National level swimmers, instead, these swimmers will pay their USA Swimming Registration Fee ($79) during registration.  To register, visit our registration page.

Please read below if you are unsure of which group to sign your swimmer up for.  Please notice that is set up by grade and is not dependent upon age or birthday.  Also, if your swimmer might prefer another year in a group (for example 6th graders in AG2 or 8th graders in AG3), please check in with their coach or Scott to see if this will work.  Sometimes this is the best fit for swimmers.  If you have questions or are unsure which group would be the best one for your swimmer, please check with your swimmer's most recent coach.

AG1 – swimmers who are 8 & under and all other swimmers who were placed there through an evaluation.

AG2 – Up through 5th grade.

AG3 – Up through 7th grade.

SR1 – 8th graders

SR2 – 9th-12th graders

National – coach approved

Practice Start Dates:

Senior 1, 2, and 3: 
Workouts begin August 19.  Please see the Practice Changes Link for details.
Coach will let you know when regular practice schedule will start.
AG1, AG2 & AG3: 
Practice will begin on August 29th at your regular scheduled times.
AG3 families should see Practice Changes Link for dryland details.  Swimmers must be registered before starting.
Stroke School & Senior Prep
Practice will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd at your regular scheduled times.
Preseason Middle School Clinic
Practice began Tuesday August 13.  Swimmers in this group also planning to swim in AG3 or SR1 should sign up for AG3 or SR1, and you accounts will be billed separately for the clinic.

CAC Membership:  All swimmers who practice at CAC either have to be members or have to pay daily admission.  Click here for the rates

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions!