2019-2020 Fall/Winter Registration Update

Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to get the 2019-20 Short Course season started. The Makos have been negotiating all summer with the MCRC to take over the swim team. Both the MCRC and Makos felt this would be in the best interest of the team and easier for all involved. The Makos are now not only in charge of the USA aspect of this team, which includes the USA memberships and fees but will also be paying coaches for being on deck at USA meets and coaching practices at the MCRC. This year all your fees will be paid through the Makos website. This will stream line the registration process so there is only one place that everyone has to register. All fees that were paid in two places in the past (MCRC & Makos) have been combined. The fees have slightly risen because of the Makos new cost involved but we again have some of the lowest rates with in Lake Erie swimming. Attached are the parent letter and the swim team flier with groups and fees. Please read them carefully. Registration is through our web site under the 2019-20 Fall/Winter registration tab located on the right side of the home page of our web site.

Registration is now open. Hope to see you in a few weeks. Coach Anthony

Click here for the 2019-2020 season team flyer.

Click here for the 2019-2020 season team information packet