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Good morning Bengal Families! My name is Jennifer Zenz-Olson (also known as “Chloe’s mom”) and I teach Zen with Jen on Fridays. I thought I would introduce myself to new parents. My daughter has been swimming with the team for three years now, going on her fourth season. When Chloe started swimming I had NO idea what it meant to be a part of this sport, didn’t know the order of events, didn’t understand what would get them disqualified and all the swimmers LOOKED ALIKE. Lol. So, if you are out there and a bit overwhelmed please feel free to say hello and ask any questions. I am not an expert, but I AM happy to share what I do know with you and welcome you to the team.


My background is in Clinical Social Work and I have been counseling teens for nineteen years. It is one of my favorite areas of specialty! I am also a certified yoga instructor and wellness coach. I began volunteering last season and so I am shifting what I do a little bit this season based on what I learned. I want to make sure you all know who I am because I will be spending time with your swimmer throughout the season. I will be teaching on Fridays for the JV from 5-5:30 and the Varsity from 5:30-6. I also spend time with the girls every day for about a week prior to their end of season meets as they taper and to support them getting in the right mind/body space for their biggest meets. We will be doing yoga, stretching, team building and mindfulness exercises this season. I will also be having some “challenges” throughout the season to engage the swimmers in practicing the things they are learning about, but also to make it FUN. I try to mirror the themes Kristen has laid out for the season in yoga.


You can expect e-mails with handouts for those of you that want to know what we are doing, but also so that you have access to handouts/documents FOR your swimmers. I will not be printing handouts very often this season because last season a lot of them went to waste. I will be posting things on Facebook as well, but I am trying to limit that to a degree because I don’t want to fill our whole page with single documents.


We are kicking off the season with our water challenge and Aimee will be forwarding the documents for me (Thank you Aimee!!). One is the guidelines for participating in the challenge because we have a HydroFlask up for a prize for one lucky young woman who gets all of her ounces in. The other is a little form they can use to figure out HOW MANY ounces they should be drinking and tally their daily amounts to hand in to me by the end of next week (August 30th). We will begin the official challenge tomorrow on Tuesday, August 20th. I have also added a list of fun things to add to water to make it taste better and some of my favorite combinations. One of the Varsity girls asked for more recipes and liked that component of last season so I will try to sneak some fun things in there here and there.


It is my mission to help the girls grow in terms of their physical and mental wellness. What I teach in yoga or mindfulness I hope will translate to every area of their lives. Flexibility, acceptance, kindness, compassion, stillness, peace, connection, focus and honestly…FUN. I want them to have fun hanging out with me too! The season is condensed and I value play and fun as much as I do WORK. So you could come in and see us playing a rousing game of Heads up Seven Up and wonder what we are doing, but it is just my helping them have BALANCE. Oh, and I bring snacks from time to time. That seems to be a hit! Lol.


Please feel free to ask me questions if you have them. I hope to see you on deck and in the stands. It is a privilege to work with these young women! I adore them and feel so blessed to get to spend this time with them. Here’s to an AWESOME season! GO BENGALS!


Water Challenge Rules

Bengal Water Challenge Documenting

Bengal Water Combinations

Bengal Water Challenge List of Fruits


Have a wonderful day-

Jen Zenz-Olson aka Zen with Jen