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MSC 2019 Fall/Winter Information


I hope everyone has been enjoying the last days of summer!  As we move into the end of August, I wanted to post a few bits of information about the upcoming season.

Registration will open at the beginning of September - please check back at that time for details.

First day of practice will be September 23.  Please click on calendars / club to see the updated practice schedule for Sept/Oct/Nov & Dec.  Practice schedules for Jan & Feb will be updated later in the season.

Currently, we are still evaluating the pre-competitive team for the upcoming season.  If we do run the pre-competitive team - sessions will start later in Oct.  We must wait until the HS water polo season ends. 

We've had lots of enquires about the team over the last month.  If you know of someone interested in joining the team - please have them reach me at or my cell 717.503.1831.  

Thanks – Coach Glumac