In order to insure the safety of our athletes while at practice, their privacy while at practice and their understanding of the proper etiquette of recording devices GCSTO has adopted the following “SAFE SPOT” policy for all athletes within the program. Adherence to this policy is 100% mandatory for every single athlete within the program and failure to comply will lead to suspension or dismissal from the team. Please discuss this policy with your athlete so that we are all on the same page with this. We’d like to think that everyone understands not to use cell phones or other recording devices in places like locker rooms but it seems that this message is not getting through to everyone based on the number of instances being reported at schools, at club activities, and other such places. As such, we have an obligation to try and more thoroughly protect the others using those areas from potential instances of privacy violation. As well, by keeping this SAFE SPOT storage right on deck where coaches and everyone can see to help it helps insure the safety of these devices so that they don’t somehow come up missing while in such private locations.



This policy is in effect for any athlete attending GCSTO practices. Athletes bringing a cell phone and/or any other recording device to practices are prohibited from taking that device into any locker room, any changing area or any other private location. Instead, that phone or device must be placed in the designated SAFE SPOT container upon entry into the pool if the individual wishes to access. These devices may not be stored in swim bags, back packs and such to prevent them from being errantly taken into such areas at a later point in time but, again, must be placed in that pool location’s SAFE SPOT on deck. Such devices should be given to the athlete's parents prior to coming on deck at swimming meets if the athlete does not wish to place their device(s) in our SAFE SPOT. With coaches permission, athletes will be permitted to use these on deck to call parents for rides, for use in emergency and such. Athletes needing these devices for academic purposes before, during or after practices may use these on deck with coaches permission but the use of such devises must be where others can monitor said usage.

 Once an athlete is dressed after practice and done using the locker rooms, changing areas and such they may pick up their phone from the designated SAFE SPOT before departing the pool. Athletes will be required to unlock their device to show the coach that it is theirs in order to be able to pick it up after practice.