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Upcoming Meets Auto Enroll

Hello Desert Aquatics,

A few updates on our upcoming meets and what you can expect through our auto enroll process for short course season.  The next two meets on our calendar are as follows:

September 14th-15th@FSON (Riverside, Ca) SILVER, BRONZE, AND NOVICE ONLY **please note this meet form has not posted yet however please see Coach Julie on deck asap if you can not attend, also new swimmers who joined within the last month will also need to see Coach Julie to see if they are ready to attend)

October 11th-13th @PDSC (Palm Desert, Ca) ALL GROUPS

These meets will both be auto enrolled meaning your child will be automatically committed to the meet. You do NOT need to do anything unless you can NOT attend, in which case you will need to go in and decline prior to each meets deadline to avoid being charged. Friendly reminder, coaches will select the events for your swimmer.

We understand this is a new process.  Please see a board member or coach on deck for any further questions.

Palm Desert is a big meet for us and are really pushing for our entire team to go.  Lets show strong!!

Thanks for all you do to make our team great. See you at the meets.