August 25th Weekly Updates!

Weekly Updates- August 25, 2019



Saturday, August 31st

Flex & Silver:  8:00-9:00AM @ westside

Platinum & Senior: 7:00-9:00AM @ westside


Pups & Novice

Lessons/Practices begin on Tuesday, September 3rd



300 Club Pool:  No siblings or parents are allowed to swim unless they are 300 Club Members.  Makos Swimmers are not allowed to swim before or after practice unless they are members of the 300 club.

Northeast Pool:  Siblings and parents must pay pool admission to swim.


Swim Cap Orders: 

Please see the link HERE


Upcoming Swim Meets:

1. EAJ Short Course Invite, Sept 13 - 15, 2019.  Jacksonville.  More information coming soon.



Order a swim cap

MAKOS TEAM STORE (suits, parkas, sweatshirts, etc)