EMAC 2019-2020 SCY Season Intro Email

Hello EMAC

I wanted to send an email with a welcome, a few reminders, and some notes heading into our 2019-2020 season!

First, welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families.  We are looking forward to an exciting year.  If you are new and a little lost, don’t worry.  Our upcoming meetings are a great chance to acclimate as we will be sharing much of the information you are seeking in those meetings.

Let’s start with Apparel, move to Meetings, and finish with Other Important Notes.


Apparel is broken up into three categories.

  • Team Merchandise
  • Swimmer Apparel
  • Swimmer Equipment

Team Merchandise – These are the extras that swimmers and parents like to purchase.  The gear this year looks awesome.

  • Click  HERE for flyer – orders close Monday, August 26
  • This was emailed on August 13th

Swimmer Apparel – Swimmer apparel includes

  • Swimmer Apparel Items – Available through D&J Sports, EMAC’s team dealer. 
    • Speedo Team Suit (Mandatory)
    • Speedo Backpack (Optional)
    • Speedo Speedo Warm-up (Optional)
    • Speedo Parka (Optional)
    • Team T-Shirts - 3 shirts provided by EMAC through your apparel fee paid at registration
    • Cap - 1 latex cap provided by EMAC
      • We will have additional Silicone cap orders soon

Swimmer Equipment - all the following is available through D&J

  • Mesh Bag, Fins, Snorkel, Kick Board, Paddles, Tempo Trainer
  • Please refer  HERE to the 2019-2020 SCY Season Info Packet that contains the equipment needed for each group.

Important Notes on Apparel:

  • Remember, each swimmer gets 3 t-shirts as part of the apparel fee paid at registration. We are ordering the t-shirts shortly.  For your swimmer to receive the correct size t-shirt, you must enter their correct size t-shirt in their TeamUnify account.  To select the appropriate t-shirt size, first click on “My Account” on the left side of the screen.  Next, click on "Members" under your account.  Click on the name of the specific member for which you are setting the t-shirt size.  Then, scroll down.  Under the blue “Apparel Sizing” label, use the toggle to select the correct size.  Make sure you repeat for each swimmer under your account.   Swimmers will receive the t-shirt size that is listed under their account.  For your convenience, we've prepared a list of all registered swimmers and their current t-shirt sizes  HERE.
  • D&J will be onsite at EHS on Monday, September 9th from 5-7 pm for swimmer apparel and equipment sizing and purchase.  See info on this event  HERE.
  • Any questions regarding apparel should be directed to Erin Iacobelli @

Team Meetings:

Group Meetings:

We have a change in plan for the Killer Bee meetings.  We have different elements within our Killer Bees that we wanted to address.  Initially, we thought it would be best to run three meetings.  Having had a chance to think it through, we would like to make a change to our Killer Bee Meetings.  Below is our new schedule for meetings next week.

Meeting notes:  all Group Meetings will be 6-7 pm in the EHS cafeteria.  Information specific to your swimmer's group will be presented at the meeting for that group.  

  • Mon, August 26:  no meeting
  • Tues, August 27:  All Killer Bee Groups
  • Wed, August 28:  Make-up for Killer Bee Swimmer/Parents if necessary
  • Thurs, Aug 29:  Wasp Groups 
  • Friday, Aug 30:  Bees Groups

EMAC Annual Meeting:  for all parents

  • Tuesday, September 3:  6pm in Cafeteria
  • Topics:  BoD Election and general State of the Organization including some strategic ideas for the future of the organization.

Other Important Notes

  • Practices start on Tuesday, September 3rd.  
  • The meets for the season are up on the website.  If you know what you are doing, go ahead and commit to the meets (yes/no) you plan on attending.  More on the meet registration process will be shared at the group meetings.  
  • We are currently working on an official EMAC Handbook that includes policies, best practices, education, and codes of conduct.  We are hoping to have it complete in time for our Annual Team Meeting on September 3rd.  
  • If you would like some help navigating through the start of the season, our Group Liaisons and their emails are listed below.  Use them, they are here to help!!!
    • BEE GROUPS - Nicole Hazlett -
    • WASP GROUPS - Carina Messenlehner -
    • KILLER BEE GROUPS - Nancy Soares -

That should be enough to get us started.  We wish you all the best getting your little ones back to school!!!

It's an exciting time to be a part of EMAC and we are happy that you are your swimmers are a part of our team.