August/September Service Project

Hello Nocatee Blue Tide Family!!!!

      I miss seeing everyone as I am currently swimming for Nease during our fall sports season, but I still have a project that I would like for us to take on together! This project is a bit different, however, from ones that we have done in the past in the way that it is more of a challenge. As we all know, this area is booming and more and more families are flooding the school system each day, meaning that there are TONS of new students at our schools. Having just moved here, they probably don’t know many people and they may be having a hard time making new friends. I remember moving to Nocatee just weeks before my freshman year at Nease and going to a new school not knowing anyone is really hard to do. Therefore, throughout the rest of August and into September, I would like to extend a random acts of kindness challenge to the team. While I encourage these kind acts to be done for anyone, I really hope that we can focus our attention to those that are new to the area and could use a friendly gesture. Whether it be inviting someone that is sitting alone to your table at lunch, a simple “Hello” and introduction, or even just a smile, these new kids will appreciate the sentiment. Again, though I thought of this with transfer students in mind, my challenge includes random acts of kindness for anyone! They can be done at school, at home, around the neighborhood, or out in the community. I attached a list of some random acts of kindness just for brainstorming purposes… any kind act will do! Additionally, whenever a kind act is completed, I would appreciate it if everyone would write down what they did. I will have a labeled container or a folder of some sort at the lap pool where everyone can turn in their kind deeds. You can keep a log if you complete multiple or you can turn in individual deeds at a time. No names are necessary, but you are welcome to do so if you wish. My goal for this challenge is to reach 100 random acts of kindness in a about a month. We got this!!

Again, no one is restricted to this list nor are the things listed the only acts of kindness that count. Anything nice will do!
Lastly, I don’t intend for this to be a distraction and or to draw attention away from school. I just want us all to try and spend this next month being conscious of those around us and to spread some of our joy to others!
Thank you all so much and I cannot wait to read all of the awesome things everyone does!
     With Love,
                  Hannah Kim

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