New ARAC Coaches

To all ARAC families:

The Board is so excited to get short course underway next week.  We have been working hard to plan a great season.  We are so happy to announce we have hired two new coaches, Ashley DeCosta and Hilde Gehr.  Ashley will be mainly working with our AG1 and AG2 swimmers although the entire team will get to know her as the season progresses.  To begin with, Hilde will be assisting Brittany with our youngest swimmers and then also helping out with our age group swimmers where needed.  We just know that you are all going to love them as much as we do.  We are still on the look-out for at least one more coach if possible but we are confident that these five coaches will rock it on deck.

The Board also wanted to reach out to you all to sadly inform you that Coach Kevin has decided to step down from his position with ARAC.  I think Kevin said it best when he gave us his notice, so we wish to use his own words here:

"I have enjoyed every second with ARAC and will remember every victory and success of the team as a whole.  But I now have additional responsibilities that take away from my ARAC committment and hope that ARAC can find a coach that can dedicate more time to fill my shoes."

Kevin will be greatly missed both on deck and off. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.  


The ARAC Board