2019-2020 Start of The Season Info!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Radnor Aquatic Club Swim Season!  We are so happy that you have chosen us us for your swimming needs this year.  This is the first of what will be several emails this week, because the roster is still in flux with new people signing up every day, each new email will also include all the info from the week's previous emails.  Please make sure you read through the new info at the top of each email to keep up to date.

  We are filling fast but still have room.  If you know anyone who is interested in registering please encourage them to do so ASAP.  We are always looking fro new members to join our swimming community.
This Week:
Email # 1 - General Start of the season info
Email #2 - Difference between USA and SAL Meets + USA Schedule
Email #3 - Parent's meetings and group specific email
Email #4 (to tryout swimmers only) - Tryout breakdown and expectation.
Varsity Group Start Dates:
Blue/HS - 8/27 4-6PM @ VFMA (tonight!)
Bronze - 9/4 6-8PM @ RHS
Red - 9/10 7:30-8:30PM @ RHS
White - 9/11 5:00-6:00PM @ RHS
Try Out Dates:
Tuesday - 9/3 6-8PM @ RHS - 8 and Under
Thursday - 9/5 6-8PM @ RHS - 9 and Older
Developmental Start Dates (Swimmers Must Try Out First):
Sharks - 9/20 5:15-6PM @ RHS
Barracudas - 9/21 11:45-12:30 @ RHS
Piranha - 9/21 11-11:45 @ RHS
Swim Lessons - 9/21 9-11AM (Tentative Start Date)
Meet the Coaches!
  A full listing of our coaches can be found HERE.
  Brand new this fall we will be welcoming Stephanie Viola to our Staff!  She will be assisting on all groups.  She is a RAD alumni, the head coach of the Arrownimink Swim Club in the SSL, and an assistant coach at Haverford High School.  She is great and we are luck to have her.
  We are happy that we will be retaining our entire staff from the spring with one exception, Coach Gabby got married and has moved on.  We will miss her but also wish her the best of luck in the future!
Lead Group and SAL Coaches:
RAD Head Coach - Jeremy Byrne
Blue Group Lead - Jeremy Byrne, Matt Stewart
Bronze Group Lead - Katie Pulos, Chase Gibson
Red Group Lead - Jaime Cessna
White Group Lead - Brooke Hagan
SAL Girls Coach - Chase Gibson
SAL Boys Coach - Mary Beth Ryan
Head of Developmental Swimming (Sha/Bar/Pir/Lessons) - Tanya Curtis
Team Organization
  This Summer we have been working on a reorganization of our groups, but also the way that we approach transitions between groups.  With this in mind we wanted to start the season with a brief description of each group, the general age range (Not a mandate more of a reference point), what level of competition is required, and a breakdown we are calling 'Focus Hierarchy'.  The Focus Hierarchy is a common language of broad ideas and concepts that progress in a meaningful way from group to group.
Developmental Swimming
Description: The first of three wings of our program.  Swimmers time spent in this portion of the team should be devoted to learning foundational skills, developing a sense of community, and having fun.  
Swim Lessons:
  - Developmental Level 1
  - A learn to swim extension of our competitive swim environment. Average age 3-8yo.
  - Focus Hierarchy: safety -- balance -- propulsion -- stroke intro -- diving intro -- stroke refinement -- Competitive skills. 
  - Swim Lessons are designed to prepare swimmer for entry into the Bar, Sha, or Pir group.
  - No competition
  - development level 2
  - Swimmers are two groups away, on average, from joining varsity team. Average age 4-7yo.
  - Focus Hierarchy:  balance -- stroke introduction -- stroke refinement -- turn intro -- diving refinement -- turn refinement -- practice and training concepts intro
  - Piranha group is a swimmer's first introduction to the structure of a typical swim practice.
  - In house competition
  - development level 3
  - Swimmers are one group away, on average, from joining varsity team. Average age 8-13yo.
  - Focus Hierarchy: stroke refinement -- balance -- turn refinement -- under water intro -- dive refinement -- practice and training concepts refinement
- Because ages and requirements very for these groups and varsity this group has an extremely wide range of goals that need to be tailored to the group each session. 
  - in house competitions
Competition Development
Description: The portion of our program devoted to building a love for the sport, a familiarity with competition, proper technical foundation, and a firm grasp on proper training habits.
White Group
  - Competition level 1
  - Lowest level of the varsity team, the typical swimmer ranges from 7-10yo. 
  - It's essential that we develop not only speed at this level but to also foster community, spirit, and most of all fun! 
  - Focus Hierarchy - Stroke refinement with competitive context - Balance -- under water refinement with competitive context --dive refinement with competitive context - relay start intro - intro to interval swimming -- intro to set design concepts -- intro to swimming at race pace in practice. 
  - This group will complete 1 aerobic test set no less than three times a season to measure avg 100 pace. 
  - Swimmers will compete in all SAL meets as well as 2 USA (or USA/SAL meets)
  - Championship Meets:  A Champs, Mini Champs, Silver Champs, JO
Red Group
 - Competition level 2
 - 2nd varsity group, average age range 9-11yo
 - The swimmers in this group are at a foundational age where they are building their idenity based on their activities.  We want to allow swimming to be a positive part of that process.
  - Focus Hierarchy - Stroke Refinement in competitive context -- under water mastery -- balance -- turn refinement in competitive context -- Dive and Relay start refinement with race specific concepts -- refinement of interval swimming -- refinement of set design concepts -- refinement of race pace swimming -- intro to race/distance specific groups
  - Dryland is optional
  - This Group will complete 2 test sets no less than 3 times a year (each) to measure avg 100 pace
  - Will compete in all SAL meets and 3 USA meets (or USA/SAL Meets)
  - Championship Meets: GRA/RMSC, A Champ, Silver Champs, JO, Zones
Competition Performance
Description: This portion of our program is designed for swimmers to swim fast with specific goals in mind.  Swimmers at this level should be well versed in competitive swimming and open to the idea of a progressive structure of goal setting that leads an athlete to the highest levels of competition and beyond.
Bronze Group
  - Performance Level 1
  - First of two competitive focused training groups, the typical swimmer is 11-14yo.
  - Training will be diverse and accommodate the varying types of swimmer in the group.  Sprint, Mid Distance, Distance, IM, Sprint Stroke, and 200 Stroke will all be considered and accounted for.
  - Focus Hierarchy - Stroke Mastery in Competitive Context -- Under Water Mastery with a focus on timeable speed -- Mastery of Race Pace Swimming -- Mastery of Interval Swimming -- Intro to Season Planning -- Mastery of Starts, Turns, and Relay starts with specific races in mind -- refinement of race/distance specific groups -- Intro to Tapering
  - This Group Will complete 3 test sets no less than 3 times a year (each) to measure avg 100 pace.
  - Dryland is required in some form
  - Will compete in all  SAL meets, Will compete in Bronze designated USA meet at the discretion of the coaches.
  - Championship Meets: GRA/RMSC, A Champ, Silver Champ, JO, Zone
Blue Group
- Performance Level 2
  - The highest level of our program. Average age of the swimmer 14-18yo
  - Swimmers should have superior practice habits and technique prior to entering the group.
  - Swimmers need to have defined season goals that drive them, motivation should come from within.
  - Focus Hierarchy - Competitive Training specific to swimmers/groups specific goals -- Under Water Diversification to match swimming style and event -- Start and Turn explosion -- Refinement of season planning -- Refinement of tapering
  - This Group will participate in test sets to measure 100 speed as needed during applicable segments of the training cycle.
  - Dryland is required in some form
  - Will compete in the Blue specific schedule at the discretion of the coaching staff
  - Championship Meets: RMSC/JNat/US Open, HS Dist/State/Eastern, Sectionals
Thank You!
  We are only as strong as the community that surrounds us, and we want our swimmers to feel strong every day.  Thank you all for all that you do.  Let's have a great season.  R. A. D. We RAD!

Radnor Aquatics