Please take the time to review the following GMU policies and procedures for the 2019-20 swim season.


Listed below are the policies for all teams utilizing the George Mason University Aquatic & Fitness Center.  In order for the facility to conduct daily business, we require that the following policies be adhered to at all times.

Conduct of Swimmers

  1. Participants are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before practice begins.  
  2. Team members, coaches and parents with an approved ID cardwill enter and exit through the Main Facility doors.  
  3. Inappropriate conduct in the locker rooms will not be tolerated. This includes running, loud destructive behavior, and horseplay.
  4. Team members must notleave their personal belongings in the locker rooms.  All belongings must be stored on the pool deck.
  5. Team members may not use the portion of the locker room that is reserved for member rentals.  Signs are posted.
  6. To avoid any conflicts with our daily operations, team members must clear the locker room promptly at the conclusion of practice.
  7. Swim team members must be completely dressed, including footwear prior to exiting the facility.  
  8. Water in closed plastic re-sealable containers is allowed downstairs.  No food or glass containers are allowed downstairs or on the pool deck.  This applies to coaches as well.
  9. All equipment must be returned to the proper location at the conclusion of practice.  (kickboards, fins, etc that are borrowed from the MAKO equipment bin)
  10. Please throw away any water bottles in the recycle bin located on the pool deck.
  11. Team members may not enter or exit the competition pool on the dive well side at any time.  This policy is in effect for the safety of both swimmers and divers.
  12. While the diving apparatus is in use, coaches and swimmers will remain on the guard office side of the dive well.
  13. Smoking, tobacco products and gum are prohibited in the Center.

Parking on Campus

  1. Parking passes are required for all visitors. Parking Lot “C” is the designated lot for swim teams and all Aquatic & Fitness Center guests. All swimmers should be dropped off and picked up in the designated “drop off/pick up” area of Lot C. 
  2. Swimmers should not be dropped off or picked up in front of the building. The access lane behind the Aquatic & Fitness Center is for emergencies and deliveries only.  It is not a parking area.  Violators will be towed.
  3. One Parking pass per family is included with your registration. If you need to purchase an additional pass, you must email Heather Haddock at [email protected] The front desk at the Aquatic and Fitness Center cannot sell parking passes to swim team participants.  

Other Issues

  1. Team members and parents may not congregate in the lobby area.  Parents and guests may sit in the spectator seating area.  The table area and TV area are for George Mason University students, faculty and staff and facility members only.   
  2. Swim team contracts are restricted to the lane rentals only.  Uses of the whirlpool/spa, sauna and fitness areas are not available for use by team members or their families (unless the appropriate guest fee is paid).  During early morning practices (prior to the Center opening), family members are prohibited from using the Fitness Gallery, Weight Room, Sauna, Whirlpool/Spa, locker rooms and pools.
  3. Parents who wish to escort younger swimmers to the locker rooms and/or pool deck must be on the team approved parent/guardian list and must purchase a GMU ID card from the front desk in advance.  Parents need to proceed to spectator seating in the Competition pool for the duration of the practice times or to the bleacher area in the Recreation Pool.

We appreciate your complete cooperation and understanding of these policies.  In order for us to maintain our facility and conduct our daily business, adherence to these listed policies is necessary.  Failure to comply may result in removal from the facility.