Welcome, new and returning Racer X parents, to the 2019-20 swim season!



Welcome, new and returning Racer X parents, to the 2019-20 swim season!

I am very excited for Racer X swim season.

This is Racer X's fourth year, and wow, have we grown.

Thank you!

It's also an Olympic year. #2020

Racer X has a lot of meets on the schedule, so if

 you have any questions, just ask.

I'm available via email at jjskirboll@gmail.com or via text at (412) 287-8818. 

Please make sure you get your swimmers the equipment needed for their swim groups.

Here is the list.

Please read it over. Racer X will only be accepting credit cards or debit cards for the 2019-20 season. 

Here are the groups.

Sorry, no more checks.

Thanks for your support.

Coach Jim