IMPORTANT UPDATE: Meet Commitment Deadlines, Updates

Hello EMAC!!!

We've had some great meetings and interactions over the last few days and are looking forward to an awesome season.  

Right now we need your urgent attention to registering for our meets through December. 

All of our first-half meets are up on our website, and meet host teams will soon be opening entries for submission to the meets we are planning on attending.  So that we can be timely with our entry submissions, we have established the following deadlines for our membership to commit to meets through SJAC:


Green Swarm Intrasquad                September 1                     

EMAC Pentathlon                            September 1

PAAC Pentathlon                             September 1

EMAC Alloy Alliance                         September 10

BLUE NT Buster                                September 1

BLUE NT Mini                                    September 1

PAAC Fall Harvest                            September 1

EMAC Fall Invite                               September 10

SJAC Gator Classic                           September 20

If you need help on committing your swimmers to the meet, click HERE for a tutorial. 

Beginning on September 2, the coaches will begin doing the entries and posting them at the pool.  Swimmers will be able to view their entries and discuss the entries with their coaches during practice. 


  • You do not have to sign up for every meet. 
  • The meets we host are priorities.  We need volunteers to help run the meets successfully.
  • All the work we are doing from September through November is geared toward preparing for SJAC.  Therefore, it is imperative that the swimmers compete at that meet.
  • We can make changes to the existing entries after the commitment date deadline.  We can’t guarantee that we will be able to add new swimmers, however. 
  • Sept 1 is a popular commitment deadline:  please make sure you have your swimmer committed to those meets in time
  • PAAC Alloy Alliance Leg 2:  we do not have an entry commit date for this meet as we have not yet reveived the meet information and/or event file.  We will post it ASAP when we receive it.  

If you have any questions, please email Coach Seth, Coach Doug, Coach Tim or your appropriate Group Liaison.  We are here to help!!!

Bees:                     Nicole Hazlett         

Wasps:                 Carina Messenlehner

Killer Bees:          Nancy Soares