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Welcome Back

Dear VSC Families,

Our short course season 2019-2020 is fast approaching.  We have many new families who joined our team at the end of last season so I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to welcome them and remind the rest of you of a few important things.  

Practice Schedule

The new practice schedule is posted on our website.  Many people have asked how many practices can they come to a week.  Listed below are the offerings per week.

  • Green 1 has 2 practices offered per week.  All practices are recommended.
  • Green 2 has 3 practices offered per week. At least 2 practices are recommended. Friday practice is in the 25 yard lap lanes.
  • Red has 5 practices offered.  3-4 practices per week are recommended. Saturday’s we work on dives.
  • White has 6 practices offered per week.  4-5 practices are recommended. Saturday’s we work on dives.
  • Blue group has 6 practices offered (currently). At least 3 practices per week is recommended. There is an option to participate in dryland/strength training. Please let coach Lisel know if you want to participate this season.
  • Bronze group has 6 practices offered per week.  You must attend 80% of practices offered. Dryland/Strength training is a required part of this group.
  • Silver group has 6 practices offered (currently but looking to add mornings soon). You must attend 85% of practices offered. Dryland/Strength training is a required part of this group.

Practice Gear

When swimmers come to practice it is important that they bring all of the required equipment for their practice squad. This gear is not simply a suggestion but required for your swimmer to get the most out of practice. 

  • Green and Red Squads- water bottle, suit, goggles, swim cap, and fins

  • White and Blue Squads - water bottle, suit, goggles, swim cap, kick board, paddles, fins, and mesh bag

  • Bronze and Silver Squads - Water bottle, suit, goggles, team cap, kick board, paddles, fins, pull buoy, snorkel, and a mesh bag. Also this season I am recommending a tempo trainer but it is not required.

Locker Rooms

Swimmers should arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of their practice time to get changed.  This ensures that everyone is ready to go when the coach gives the warm-up directions.  Also, please remember that all swimmers should bring their bags/belongings onto the pool deck and should NOT be left in the locker rooms.  Marshall Center does their best to “police” the locker rooms during our practice times but often people can slip by and get into the locker rooms.  Theft has been a problem in the past. Those at WSSB should also follow the same rules.  There is no one policing these locker rooms.  So far, theft has not really been an issue at WSSB though.  After practice, swimmers should take NO LONGER than 10 minutes in the locker room.  This is to ensure that there is no playing around and to be considerate of the coach's time as well.  Parents, please be on time to pick your swimmer up from practice.  

With the new USA swimming Policy MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Program) there are some new locker room regulations as well.  No adult should go into the locker rooms by themselves.  This protects you and the swimmers.  Please click on the link to read more about MAAPP. This is a new policy and we are all just learning about it.  If you need to use the restroom they are available in the hallway at WSSB and Marshall.  Also, if your young swimmer needs help changing, there are family rooms available at the Marshall Center so please use those instead of going into the main locker room.  All children age 6 and older should not use the opposite sex locker room.  Again, there is a family changing room that you are welcome to use at Marshall Center.

Meet Sign-ups and Participation

This seasons meet schedule is posted on our website through February.  Our championship season begins in March and those will be posted soon.  There will also be a brand new championship TEAM meet in March for those swimmers who are not attending Age Group Regionals which is the same weekend.  Please be sure to login to our website and declare your intentions to attend or decline the meets.  There is one team meet per month and ALL team members should attend these meets.  If you cannot attend these meets or you have a FLEX membership, please be sure to email Coach Lisel along with declaring your intent on our website.

Green, Red, White, and Blue Squads do not have meet requirements but are highly encouraged to attend as many meets as your coach deems appropriate.  Racing is different than swimming at practice and the more experience you can get the better.  Plus getting to hang out with your swim friends is fun too.  Parents, I am sorry but sitting in the bleachers for hours to watch your swimmer race a total of maybe  5 minutes is not a lot of fun.  However, you can get involved by becoming an official or volunteering to be a timer at meets.  We will talk more about that in a later email.

Bronze and Silver Squads do have mandatory meets that they must attend. TEAM Meets are a part of this.  You will be asked to attend about 2 meets per month.  Please go to our website and carefully read ch of the meet summaries posted to find out which meets you need to attend.  If for some reason you are unable to attend a required swim meet, you will need to contact Coach Lisel before the deadline as a courtesy. 

Be sure to go online and order a team suit for meets.  Also, there is plenty of fan gear for parents, family, and friends.

I am looking forward to beginning my sixth year with VSC and my second year as heach coach.  We are looking to grow our team so please get a friend signed up for a tryout, wear your team apparel to school, and tell everyone you know about VSC!!  If you know someone who wants to tryout have them email to get information on tryout dates and times.

See you all at the pool,

Coach Lisel