Can you believe we are about to begin another year of swimteam? We are ready to see everyone this Thursday at the potluck.  We will eat, Swimmers will meet their coaches & do a little activity while I run the parent meeting. Swimmers will get their shirts and caps as well.

Please FILL up the volunteer FOOD spots for the potuck.  We are in need of lots of pasta/hot dishes. Please bring your own serving utensils

DATES to note and things I need families to follow up on for me.

  • September 5th at Gilbert Lodge at Twin Lakes Park, Parent Meeting & Potluck 5-7 PM 
  • 6800 North Long Lake Rd.
  • September 9th, practice begins for all groups
  • September 12th Suit fitting at WEST (RED will swim at WEST that night 4:30-5:30) 
  • September 21st  Dr. Alan Goldberg Peak Peformance and Motivation  & a separate coaches and parent clinic- sign up open , register at ymca front desk, flyer on team events page 
  • I have altered the meet schedule several times since mid August. The coaches will finalize the schedule at our coaches meeting this week.  The FALL Meets are set in stone.
  • In addition, please look at getting your swimmer to as many YMCA meets as possible this year because the YMCA championship meets are organized very well and each swimmer who can go needs to swim 3 ymca meets this season. I will explain further at parent meeting.
  • GREAT NEWS! We have almost 120 swimmers already signed up for the team.  Some still need to finalize paperwork. Your swimmer can not attend our first practice unless it is completed.
  • If you plan on swimming and you haven't signed up please do asap. I still have people emailing me about spots. 


ONLY 60 families have completed the task of re -registering their swimmers in TEAM UNIFY.  This is a necessary task ( that needs to be updated EVERY YEAR) as it allows you to stay informed, allow us to update USA REG /swim data, and keep us on the same page.

Please take the time to do this very important step.

Our RED, White I (full) and White II groups are 1 or 2 spots from  FULL, and they house almost 2/3 rds of our team with about 20 brand new families on our team. Blue I has -21 , Blue II- 12, and Senior exploding at 21 swimmers!!!


.... to step and make sure they make that newer swim parents, especially, feel welcome and included. The coaches will make sure all swimmers feel this way too. help me at the Parent Meeting Potluck with this.  We will break out into your swimmer's groups during this evening and you can meet the parents. 

If you have any questions, please reach out.

See ya Wednesday.