Weekly Notes for September 2-7

Hope everyone enjoyed your swim break and enjoying the new school year!  Here's some important information concerning the 2019-20 Swim Season....Please Read and if you have any questions let me know.

Swim / Stroke Clinic:  Held September 3-6 (Tue-Fri) and Sept. 9-13 (Mon-Fri).  11&Unders' are 4:30-5:30 and 12&Overs' are 5:30-6:45.  If unable to attend your assigned problem...just show up to the other time.  Total Focus will be on Technique!  I'll be laying out our standard drills and hope everyone can attend as many of these day's as possible.

New Swimmers / Recruiting:  At the Banquet I mentioned a goal for every family to try to encourage at least 2 swimmers who may be interested in swim team.  Please have them come either September 2 or 3 Swim Clinic to be Evaluated (anytime between 4:20-6:00).    Swimmer's can be evaluated (and join) anytime during the year!

Billing / Payment Change:  Starting September 1 (2019),  ALL Monthly Fee's for GOLD Swim Team, Pre-Team & Masters will be done through our Team Unify site.  Each family must have either an ACH or Credit Card set up for monthly payment withdrawals as well as other fee's (i.e. meet entries, socials, etc).  The Front Desk will No Longer take these payments.  Youth Membership Fee's will still be taken at the front desk (or billed by the YMCA) since this is a separate account.  This decision was made to streamline issues we've experienced with some paying through our site and other's through the front desk, as well as having all monies coming in at the same time.  

Practices Schedule:  The 2019-20 Practice Schedule can be found in the Team Information tab on front page of website.  All groups are listed, including Pre-Team and Masters.

Meet Schedule:  The 2019-20 Short Course Meet Schedule is also posted in the Team Information tab on front page.  I did make 1 change from the previous schedule posted and plan to add 1-2 YMCA Dual Meets in in the next 2 1/2 months.

Coaching Staff:  For the time being, Barry will be the only coach.  Hunter Widener will lead Pre-Team and Barry will run all other groups.  Joe will be helping out until he departs.  

Dues Structure:  The 2019-20 Monthly Dues will be the same as 2018-19, with the exception of the Gold Group which will now be $75/month (was $90).

Youth Membership:  The YMCA is redoing the Youth Membership Fee's.  For those of you doing Youth Membership, you're YMCA Fee's may change.  This should be announced very shortly from the YMCA.

Pre-Team & Master's Swimming:  These programs will start the week of September 16.  Since they are starting mid-month, the monthly fee will be 50% of their monthly fee (i.e. $20 for Pre-Team and $10 for Master's).  

Officials  &  Timing Console Operator's Needed:  We're in desperate need of 1-2 people learning the Timing Console Operations and at least 3 Officials for the upcoming season.  Since I'm the only coach, I won't be able to rely on other coaches to supervise my groups when I needed to run the Timing Console.  We also need more Officials in order to maintain running highly efficient meets and also easing the burden on our current officials in having to work every singe meet (club, ymca, high school) during the season.  If you have any questions on these, please see me and I'll go over things and also put in you contact with other Volunteer's so you can get their thoughts on the positions.  We will make sure you are comfortable and trained wll before you undertake these positions.

Volunteer Hours:  Each family on Gold (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Senior) will be required to work a set number of sessions at all Home Meets!  It will not matter if your kids are swimming in the meet (or not).  We need each & every family to be a part of our Volunteer Team!  Without your help...our meet's are not as efficient.  If you're out of town for a meet, you'll be expected to find someone to work in your place.  Failure to work your required sessions will result in a monetary fine being charged your account ($50-150).  Our 2019-20 Home Meets are:  November 8-10;  January 11;  May 1-3.

Group / Parent Meetings: I'll be setting up Group / Parent Meetings once the Swim Clinic has concluded.  I hope to have these dates in next weeks email.  I may have to cance some practices (or alter their times) since I can't be in the Meetings and Coaching at the same time.