2019/2020 Fall-Winter Season Starts

2019/2020 Fall-Winter Season Start


Practice for “returning” members of the Blue (Coach Dan); and Silver/Gold (Coach Tony) will resume on Monday, August 26  th, at Wheeling University, from 6-7:30 p.m. 

All other groups will return to practice during the week of Monday, September 9 th. Further information regarding practice times, and assigned pools, for the Red (Coach Rick) and White (Coach Jeani) Groups will be provided shortly.   

The fees for the fall/winter season are provided below: 

·          Silver/Gold (Coach Tony): $500.00 

·          Blue (Coach Dan): $475.00 

·          White (Coach Jeani): $450.00 

·          Red (Coach Rick): $450.00   

A $50.00 discount will be provided, for all rates assigned above, for payments in full being made by October 1, 2019.  The fees identified above are in addition to the required YMCA membership. 

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!  Please contact me with any questions.