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Welcome to 2019-2020 Season!

Welcome to the official start to the 2019-2020 season!

We are very excited to get our #FinsUp and our swimmers in the pool this week.
A few announcements/reminders for all our athletes…

  1. Season Fees
    1. Water Polo Season fees are processed upon registration. If you have not registered for the Fall season (Sept-Nov) for polo, we will have a registration open later today for Water Polo only.
    2. Swim Team Season Fees will be billed in two installments. The first half of your remaining fees will be billed on September 9th, the second installment will be billed on December 1st. The season runs from September until March 15.
    3. Masters Season Fees (Sept-Nov) are billed quarterly. If you would like to sign up, registration will also be available later today.
  2. Practice Schedule
    1. The practice schedule for the month of September is available on the Google calendar.  Practices at Baker, OLPH and JCC will not change unless the facility is closed.
    2. Each week, Coach Amanda will send out a practice reminder email that will highlight any major changes for the following week, please keep an eye out for that email.
    3. The JCC will not be available for workouts until September 9th. This affects some A8/A9 workouts and the Junior program. Normal schedule will resume next week, but this week will be a little different. Two new starting blocks have been installed and we’re really excited to use them!
    4. If your training group has workouts scheduled at New Trier, the schedule will be in flux each week as the high school teams adjust schedules to accommodate competitions. Please make sure to check the schedule each week, as we will try to finalize that by Monday morning. Any last-minute changes will be communicated by group coaches.
    5. 3:30 workouts at OLPH are generally scheduled for athletes who attend OLPH. They are, however, open to everyone, but not required. The workouts the rest of the week are intended for the widespread team attendance. 
  3. Competition Schedule
    1. The competition schedule for the season has been posted online for polo and swim team. Please RSVP to allow for prompt entry as competitions become available.
    2. Additional Competitions will be added as necessary for the advancement of our athletes
  4. Volunteering
    1. We have a great need for volunteers to make our program successful and we are trying ascertain how to engage our parent base in volunteering both at hosted events and events we participate in for all our programs.
    2. Please CLICK HERE to fill out our volunteer survey.
  5. Upcoming Important Dates
    September 21 – SHARK SATURDAY! No practices for most groups!  
  • 9-12p – Shark University 2.0 – Learn all about our team operations and goals as well as some great educational opportunities for parents of all sports and get a $10 credit on your account! – CLICK HERE to RSVP - Attendance is strongly will be provided :) 
  • 11-2p – Apparel & Suit fitting – Elsmore & TYR will be in-house to help with all suit and apparel fitting for all teams as well as all your equipment needs – drop in for exciting new swag – also at Northfield (by the pool!)
  • 3-530p – Team Beach Party – Gilson Beach – RSVP online! Pizza will be provided. Click HERE to RSVP.

October 5-6 – SHARK FRENZY at Winnetka!

  • Water Polo workouts will be at Northfield.
  • Volunteer Sign-Up will be available for signup by Friday!


If you read all the way down here...CONGRATS! Bonus Information! 
Our Ladies 400 Medley Relay team of Jane S., Kaelyn G., Greta P. & Joelle O. placed 3rd at NCSA this past August - check it out!
Good Luck as they head into high school season!