As of August 1, 2019, responsibility for the Escrow account has moved from the CAA staff to the Parent Board. This change was made in order to ensure more checks and balances for accuracy, as well as transparency. This move will also allow the CAA staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.  

Critical information for all parents:

Checks should be payable to CAA.  (currently checks or cash only, but we are working toward a solution to accept credit cards!)

Mail to PO Box 123 Columbia MD 21045 Attn: Columbia Aquatics Association OR put in CAA Locked Box in the Swim Center.

Deposits will be posted within 2 weeks of drop off/receipt. Please do not expect deposits to be made immediately!

It is your responsibility to be proactive in anticipating your child's monthly meet or fees well in advance of the meet registration date to be certain your account is in good standing!

** Entry fees are detailed on the meet notices found prior to it being posted on the Clippers site. If you are a new parent and have any questions about how to estimate meet fees, your group parent can help!  

** Coaches will not be able to make exceptions for meet registration if you do not have available funds in your account.